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Watch Emotional New Video for “What A Time” by Julia Michaels and Niall Horan (Review)

Julia Michales dropped her latest part 1 of the EP titled ‘Inner Monologue’ and we are quite impressed. This one song in particular, “What A Time,” featuring vocals by former One Directioner-Niall Horan has been getting a lot of attention from the industry.

“What A Time” by Julia Michaels has a twist ending. The song that stars reminiscing about the perfect moments of the past relationship, quickly changes into one that of hatred and despair. The lyrics ‘what a time’ morphs into ‘what a lie’ towards the end of the song.

The music video, directed by Boni Mata, shows Julia Michaels and her ex sitting on the floor of a wasted living room; the room overrun by wildlife, much like their relationship status now. Julia Michaels does a heartbreaking performance in the video, and sheds some tears at the end. So, it is noteworthy that the guy, unfortunately not played by Niall Horan, does not show any emotion or even blink throughout the video. We do not know who lied about their emotions in this song, but in the video, we definitely get strong vibes that the guy was a stone-cold statue in the relationship.

Watch “What A Time” Music Video by Julia Michaels

Julia Michales is dressed in a gorgeous yellow dress to match the decaying surrounding around her. Her arm tattoos are very visible throughout the video. The guy in the video literally does not do a thing, except facilitate Julia tell the story. Does he even blink in the video?

Niall Horan Tweeted about the song before, praising for the opportunity to work with Julia Michaels; “This woman is the most talented person I know and I’m so happy for her and I’m happy I’m a part of her life and her music .”

Who else cannot wait for the “Anxiety” music video with Selena Gomez?

What do you think about this song and the video by Julia Michales and Niall Horan? Drop a comment below.

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