Watch the Sexy “The London” Video by Young Thug Ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott

The hottest collaboration to drop in the month of May 2019 was between Young Thug, J. Cole and Travis Scott. The single titled “The London” did not have much glamour in it, but it certainly hit some sweet nerves.

“The London” is part of Young Thug’s upcoming album titled ‘So Much Fun’ due later this year. The release of the music video seems to have been very unplanned, as Young Thug Tweeted; “My brada @21savage called me at 4am and told me I should drop THE LONDON video so it’s comin out shortly.”

The single released on May 24, pretty much went viral gaining over 100 million streams on Spotify and over 89 million views on YouTube.

The music video shows some scenes unfolding at ‘The London’ hotel. One window shows two strippers grinding on a man sitting on a chair. Another CCTV footage into a room shows an elderly man doing drugs, again, with a prostitute. All three artists are in the same building as well-one counting cash, one overlooking the security video feed and the other getting a lap dance.

‘The London’ symbolizes that secret place everyone has where they run to in order to escape from the real world. It could manifest in various forms, as shown in different windows of this hotel.

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