YUNGBLUD Drops Powerful Video for “Hope for the Underrated Youth” (Review)

The 22-year old singer Dominic Richard Harrison, better known by his stage name YUNGBLUD, truly lives up to his name by representing all the youth in the world in his song “Hope for the Underrated Youth” released in July 2019.

The single appears in Yungblud’s upcoming EP titled ‘The Underrated Youth’ dedicated to shedding a positive light on to the youth of today who are always being undermined by the older generations. Little credit goes to the Millenials for the amazing accomplishments they have achieved over the years.

Upon releasing the song, Yungblud shared his thoughts and message on Twitter; “this song is about freedom of speech. this song is about freedom of expression. there is hope for this “underrated youth” and i believe the future looks bright because we are in it.”

The lyrics to the song speak about how teens are not given a voice when it comes to a lot of things in modern society. There is a lot of debate on same-sex relationships and marriage, predominantly obstructed by the older generation. So, Dominic sings “And just take my heart out/That’d make it better” so that he won’t be able to feel love.

“Hope for the Underrated Youth” also talks a lot on modern issues faced by teens such as exposure to drugs, violence, anxiety, depression, and many mental health issues. There is a lot of pressure on the youth to achieve big goals, balance a social life, travel, earn money, graduate, bite through bullying, violence and more. These surely take a toll on one’s mental health. Often the lack of understanding of these issues by elders leads to the teens being even more mentally damaged.

The music video shows a flock of “different-looking” teens being hunted down by some policemen, possibly for looking “different.” Within the chaos of the hunting, we also see love, friendship, freedom and peace among the youth in the video. Watch the music video below.

Let us hear what you think about this song, video and the upcoming EP by Yungblud in the comments below.

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