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New Christmas 2019 Music Releases

‘Tis the season of joy and wonder for 2019 and Christmas could not have got here sooner. With this new season of laughter and love, also comes new music. One of the major traits of Christmas is its relationship with music. Christmas carols have been a tradition as old as Christmas itself. Every year artists release their own feelings of joy and wonder through new music. In this article, we ponder into the new music released on this season of Christmas 2019.

It is still early November and new Christmas songs are rolling out a bit by bit. As and when new songs release we will update this article until the season comes to an end. So bookmark this page and stay tuned in.

1. Jonas Brothers – Like Its’s Christmas

Early November 2019, Jonas Brothers gave everyone a reminder that the holiday season coming up soon. Ever since their reunion in early 2019 with “Sucker,” they have been the boy band that owned 2019. The Brothers also confessed that they have a lot of unreleased music in their arsenal, so this new track “Like It’s Christmas” could be one of them.

The song centres around the topic of love in the season of love. The Brothers sing their Christmas is perfect that their special lady friends are with them. But they don’t just stop there; “But as long as you’re with me, it’s always the time of the year.”

2. Lukas Graham – HERE (For Christmas)

Christmas might be about happiness and laughter for most of us, but it is also a time to cherish our loved ones, both alive and gone. Keep them in our hearts, thoughts and prayers in this season of Christmas 2019.

Lukas Graham released a brand new song for Christmas about a lost friendship. This beautiful retrospective track is all about his childhood friend William who is no longer with us. In an Instagram post, Lukas Graham shared his story about this song; “is about the feelings of loss and how I miss loved ones during the holidays. The story is about William, my childhood friend, who is no longer with us. He was renovating this beautiful old boat, but he never got to put it in the water. That boat is a metaphor for all the things I wish I could do with Willy, my dad and all the others that are no longer #HERE ❤️💚”

Watch the lyrics video for “Here (For Christmas)” with a beautiful montage of photos and videos from Lukas Graham’s childhood.

3. Alessia Cara – Make It To Christmas

Sometimes we want Christmas holidays to be so perfect, we will do anything to hang on to our loved ones. Even going to the extent of composing a whole new song asking your boyfriend to hold on until December.

Alessia Cara’s new song “Make It To Christmas” is about how she wants her lover to carry on until Christmas 2019. This cold season has some kind of dull effect on their love. But she is sure that if they made it until Christmas, they would see their issues through.

4. John Legend – Baby, It’s Cold Outside Ft. Kelly Clarkson

John Legend has a reputation for having one of the better Christmas albums out there. This year around, the artist released a deluxe edition of his holiday album ‘A Legendary Christmas’ and we have a few more new songs. Out of them, our favourite pick is a duet with singer Kelly Clarkson titled “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

Maybe it is the season for joy and laughter, but this song is a bit spicy. The song entails a situation where John Legend invites Kelly Clarkson to his apartment for one more drink and a cigarette. She wants to, but she is also scared of what might happen and what her family might think if she gets late. But John is nothing but persistent.

5. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas (New Unreleased Video)

Well, a Christmas music list would not be complete with Mariah Carey in it and luckily we have a reason to justify her inclusion into this year’s list.

Mariah Carey premiered a brand new video with unreleased footage from her iconic “All I Want for Christmas” track from 9 years ago. This is such a nostalgic track with some never-before-seen footage of young Mariah Carey.

6. Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells

Granted this is not a new song by the icon Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra’s cover of “Jingle Bells” was initially released in his holiday album ‘Christmas Songs by Sinatra’ from 1948. However, in 2019, there is a new release with a brand new lyric video. And also, we really wanted to have this classic Christmas carol, possibly the most famous of all, on this list. Check out Sinatra’s holiday wish below.

7. Little Mix – One I’ve Been Missing

The Little Mix girls released an enchanting holiday song just in time for the holiday season. The new track titled “One I’ve Been Missing” is about a long-distance relationship and how the girl can’t wait to have her lover back at home for this holiday.

One of the most magical things about Christmas is that it brings all the loved ones together. The audio was released accompanying a beautiful lyric video. Watch below.

8. Taylor Swift – Lover Remix Ft. Shawn Mendes (Snow Globe Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift talks about a fuzzy loving relationship in this track from her 2019 album, also titled ‘Lover.’ The remix version featuring Shawn Mendes is yet another beautiful creation. The song mentions the couple’s affairs during December and talks about throwing Christmas parties. And Taylor released a new lyric video with a snow globe and decorated Christmas trees just in time for the season. So why not a spot on this list, right? Check out the brand new lyric video below.

9. Thomas Rhett – Christmas In The Country

Among the Pop songs that dominate this list, Thomas Rhett’s addition is a welcomed change. With a Pop-Country fusion, Rhett sings of what it feels like during the Christmas time in the countryside.

Thomas Rhett sings of ‘old two’ lanes covered in snow and woods where live Christmas (Pine) trees grow. Under the starry skies, away from the city lights, Christmas in the country sure does feel like a whole new level of magic. ‘Miles away from the crazy crowds’ sounds like the best invitation to spend this year’s vacation in the countryside. Listen below.

10. Lea Michele – Christmas in New York

There is no doubt that every city in Christmas turns into something extra magical. New York City is a little bit more special during the holiday seasons due to its various festivities and decorations. Lea Michele fills our hearts with joy by painting a very cheery image of what Christmas looks like in New York. Do you agree?

11. David Archuleta – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Complete with a Christmas sweater and a baking party, David Archuleta sings of what it looks like in the holiday seasons. Love, happiness, mistletoes, family, and cookies are his idea about a fabulous seasonal theme holiday. In this cinematic music video, David Archuleta throws a party at his home. Halfway through the party and singing, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick, of the pop group NSYNC, crash this party, because, why not! The more the merrier, right?

12. Robbie Williams – Time For Change

Singer and songwriter Robbie Williams has a different message for this holiday season. He reflects how Christmas time should be enjoyed with your family and loved ones – in this video his kids. The video also shows the activities of the family in these joyous times. Of course, the biggest change is building their pet doggie with snow rather than the usual snowman.

Along with this new single and video, Robbie Williams also has a brand new holiday album titled ‘The Christmas Present’ out now.

13. Why Don’t We – With You This Christmas

The band Why Don’t We celebrates a year with each member’s relationships that began last Christmas. They have no intentions of letting this good thing go. Even on Christmas 2019, the best present they want is some unconditional love, warmth and be around their partners. So, Why Don’t We be With You This Christmas? Listen below.

14. Kelly Rowland – Love You More at Christmas Time

Kelly Rowland returns with a lovey-dovey track for Christmas 2019. She talks about how this magical season makes her fall in love with her partner even more during this time. There is something about Christmas time that puts everyone on their best moods and spirits. When you are with the right person, there are mistletoes everywhere. So get lovin’ and get smoochin’.

15. Katy Perry – Cozy Little Christmas

Katy Perry released a brand new music video for her 2018 Christmas song “Cozy Little Christmas.” While she looks to drop all the work and stress and chaos of the holiday season, she has Santa taking a vacay as well. In this song, Katy Perry sings about how she would rather enjoy a calm, quiet and relaxed day during Christmas with the one she loves. The new music video includes an animated Rudolf, a smurf and a snowman helping Katy and Santa relax.

16. Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm

Taylor Swift gets her second entry on the list of 2019 Christmas songs with a brand new song “Christmas Tree Farm” inspired by real events. After releasing the song, Taylor revealed that she did actually grow in a pine tree farm when she was small. The music video includes footage of baby Taylor Swift during Christmas holidays, enjoying snow, gifts and unconditional love from her family. Head over here to watch the video.

What is your favourite new song for Christmas 2019? Leave a comment below and share this article with your friends to spread joy and happiness.

Stay tuned for more new holiday music…

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