jordan davis cool anymore song review

Jordan Davis – Cool Anymore Ft. Julia Michaels (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Jordan Davis is an upcoming powerful voice in Country music. The 30-year-old Louisiana based singer already has one studio album ‘Home State’ out in 2018. His return to music in 2019 comes with a brand new collaboration with Julia Michaels.

The new song “Cool Anymore” was released on November 8, 2019, and could potentially be the first signs of a new album in the making. Jordan Davis released the single with a beautiful music video featuring Julia Michaels.

“Cool Anymore” is a beautiful invitation by Jordan Davis to the girl to be herself and vice versa. Now that he is in love with her, she does not have to try and impress him. He already knows her and he wishes to see the side of her that nobody has seen before. The best part about being in love with your best friend is the freedom to open up yourself completely to them and not be judged for anything. And both of them have realized this.

Jordan Davis proves that he already know her very well. In the first verse of the song, he describes her features–head held high, a smile to cover the nerves, life of the party with her friends and be complimented. But he is the one person to whom she can drop this act. She can hide her head on his lap, be a nervous wreck, enjoy a calm evening at home and be loved with him.

In the second verse by Julia Michaels, she returns the favour to the guy. She knows he likes to have fun with his friends out drinking and being an alpha male. She knows he never lets emotions out in public. But she also knows that he is not that person with her. He is the kind of person to slow dance with her in the middle of the night and expose his vulnerable side to her.

Watch “Cool Anymore” music video below.

The music video shows Jordan Davis and Julia Michaels being quite quirky and romantic. The natural flow of behaviour is so good in the video that one would believe that they are a couple in real life.

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