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Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm (Lyrics, Stream & Meaning)

Taylor Swift just released her entry for the Holiday Music Collection and she surely is on a winning sprint. The new song titled “Christmas Tree Farm” is actually inspired by her childhood and the new music video released shows some never-before-seen footage of baby Taylor Swift in all her Christmas glory. Take a look at the lyrics and the meaning of this song.

Taylor Swift’s new Christmas-themed music follows her holiday album ‘The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection’ from 2007. This is her return to seasonal music in over a decade, and she has a strong comeback. After releasing the new song and the music video, Taylor Swift took to Twitter to explain the inspiration behind this song;

I actually did grow up on a Christmas tree farm. In a gingerbread house, deep within the yummy gummy gumdrop forest. Where, funnily enough, this song is their national anthem.

In “Christmas Tree Farm” lyrics, Taylor Swift goes down her memory lane to a time when everything was simpler. She reminisces how she played around in the snow, with her parents and her brother Austin during Christmas times. Thanks to Scott Swift and Andres Swift, we can see some gorgeous and cute videos of baby Taylor Swift enjoying this special time of the year.

Watch “Christmas Tree Farm” Video by Taylor Swift


In the intro to the song, Taylor Swift compares her present to the past. She lives in the city now where everything and everyone is busy with everything. She closes her eyes for a moment, stuck in traffic, and she visualizes how her childhood was.

Verse 1

In these lyrics, Taylor Swift thinks back to her farmhouse, a tree farmhouse, where she grew up. During winter, everything gets coated in snow, even the trees and cars. This is the time when family members huddle together and talk their favourite stories in the warmth of the hearth inside the house.

Pre-chorus and chorus

These two verses merge between the past and the present. Taylor looks at her lover sitting under a mistletoe, telling her that he loves her, in their home, and she immediately thinks back to the time that this reality was actually a Christmas wish for her once. Dreams do come true!


In the bridge of the song, Taylor Swift says that being in the arms of her current lover, Joe Alwyn, gives her the feeling of being home, surrounded by her loved ones. He is her home now, and it’s a wish come true!

Let us hear what you feel about this new song “Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift in the comments below. What does Christmas time make you feel?


Taylor Swift shared a picture of her family at the actual Pine Ridge Farm around which this song is based.

The Swifts at Pine Ridge Farm (Image: YouTube)

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