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Nick Cannon – Canceled: Invitation (Eminem Diss) | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Nick Cannon is back with a THIRD Eminem diss track following “The Invitation” and “Pray For Him.” In the initial diss song, Nick Cannon and his Black Squad invited Eminem to come on their podcast ‘Wild ‘N Out’ for a face-off. They also requested Eminem to respond to their diss track within 24 hours or else he will be kicked out of his native city of Detroit. While none of these requests materialized, Nick Cannon released the third diss track of the series titled “Canceled: Invitation.”

While waiting for a reply from Eminem, Nick Cannon and his cronies did get blasted all over the internet for ‘trash’ disses, false accusations, assumptions, chasing clout, and for being a closeted Stan.

In “Canceled: Invitation,” Nick Cannon seems to claim that Eminem is a racist by sampling Eminem’s old leaked song “Ole Foolish Pride.” In this song, Eminem is heard accusing African American women by calling them the B-word and “dumb.” However, Eminem apologized for this song on “Yellow Brick Road” track off of his 2004 album.

Listen to “Canceled: Invitation” (Eminem Diss) by Nick Cannon

In the “Canceled: Invitation,” Nick Cannon goes on a solo rampage to paste a ‘racist’ banner over Eminem. Nick uses Eminem’s leaked song “Ole Foolish Pride” as the primary source to build on his offence. Nick Cannon himself calls their girls ‘queens’ to come out as the bigger man in the lyrics.

Further, Nick Cannon insults Eminem by saying he is the modern-day Klu Klux Klan (KKK), a notorious white supremacist group with the sole purpose of hating the African Americans. Nick draws our attention to a particular VMAs performance where Eminem allegedly treated his fellow African Americans as “indentured slaves.”

In the second verse of the song, Nick Cannot gets bold enough to call himself the male version of Oprah Winfrey when it comes to talkative prowess. Or maybe, a comparison of popularities between them.

Despite these claims, there is little to no evidence that Eminem is a racist. He has collaborated with more African American artists than any other Whiter rapper out there. He has immense respect for his mentor Dr. Dre. He has collaborated with artists such a Lil Wayne, Big Sean, 50 Cent, Proof, Nate Dogg, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and the list goes on.

At this point, it just seems as if Nick Cannon is trying to scrape the last bit of clout he could for the launch of his ‘Wild ‘N Out’ new season. An Eminem reply diss might never come as there are fumes rising about an upcoming Eminem album very soon. Maybe, Nick Cannon will get a slot on the tracklist of this new album. Maybe, he will never get a reply.

This rap feud between Nick Cannon and Eminem might go down in history as one of the battles lost without even starting it.

The best meme we’ve seen on this rap feud so far is; “Nick Cannon is waiting for a diss from Eminem after releasing three diss tracks, and so is Eminem.”

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