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KSI – Cap Ft. Offset | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Cap” is the second track off of KSI’s debut solo studio album ‘Dissimulation’ released on May 22, 2020. The track features vocals by rapper Offset, of Migos, in their first collaboration ever. The song is a chant against the ‘fake’ people and ‘liars’ of society.

KSI’s 2020 album ‘Dissimulation’ contains some hits such as “Millions” and “Undefeated” followed by singles such as “Down Like That,” “Wake Up Call,” “Poppin,” and “Houdini.”

‘Cap’ in slang stands to refer to ‘liars’ or ‘fake’ people. Hence, the whole idea behind the song is that KSI almost entirely tries to avoid people that he does not trust because most of them are out to befriend him just for his riches or fame.

Watch “Cap” Video by KSI Featuring Offset

“That’s why I can’t be no friends, with no cap, ayy,” is the entire premise of the song.

Offset raps “I would not sell my soul for a billion,” which some people would do in a heartbeat. He also says that he has no time for all the haters that shout at him on Twitter because he is out here working hard and making the haters hate even more!

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