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Machine Gun Kelly – papercuts | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Machine Gun Kelly officially ushered in a new era of music with his brand new single “papercuts” today. The song is the first taste of MGK’s upcoming album ‘Born with Horns’ expected later this year. The song is about the wounds he received from being successful and popular. Papercuts are small but hurt a lot.

Machine Gun Kelly announced his sixth studio album ‘Born with Horns’ on August 9, 2021. This is MGK’s return to music after his highly successful album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ that was released in 2020. Both albums altered MGK’s hip-hop routes towards a more pop-punk approach, which he found success in. Announcing the album, MGK shared a photo of Travis Baker and himself getting matching tattoos of the album title.

With MGK’s recent burst into fame, he would have been prone to a lot of changes which he doesn’t seem to welcome open-handedly. He is skeptical of all the nice people of late because he knows that people were not nice to him for four of his albums. He treads with caution as he endures new papercuts as the price for his fame and fortune.

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Machine Gun Kelly “papercuts” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the hook of the song, Machine Gun Kelly talks about his signature look of late–blonde and messy hair. This style was popularized further during his last album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ era. The success of this album earned him a couple of deals as well. MGK is aware that he might not be the best of all time, but he is one of the better in the music game right now.

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, MGK sings about his life so far. He has never been the one to take life too seriously. He has ventured into different prospects all his life. He made five albums so far, had a kid with his ex, dating Megan Fox at the time of this article, had a Billboard 200 #1 album, and even had a stellar rap beef with Eminem.

Machine Gun Kelly also sings that he is fully aware of the fact that a lot of people cannot stomach him. But he could not care less. He only has a big FU to all of them.


Another fact that MGK realized with his recent fame is that there are a lot more eyes on him, whether he likes it or not. Sometimes he has to cave in and maintain appearances for the public. Just wave your hand at them and pretend to care and move on.

Verse 2

Everybody’s so nice lately (Everybody’s not nice)

Machine Gun Kelly is experiencing a shift in climate around him after his highly successful album ‘Tickets to My Downfall.’ He knows the two incidents are not coincidental. So, he is extra careful of the new people coming into his life as friends.

Machine Gun Kelly is also making more appearances on online blogs with his music. All of it is not going to be positive all the time. Even if it was positive, MGK knows not to be swayed by it. Internalize both of these outcomes and change for the better. He realizes that there is no winning on the Internet.

Finally, MGK also adds that he has been forced to adopt a demonized persona just because of his baby face. MGK does possess the face and body of a 20-year-old, which can be both a good and a bad thing. However, this forced him to act tough just to survive in today’s climate. Throughout his career, MGK has adopted various demonic symbols in his music. The latest example is his new album ‘Born with Horns,’ yet another reference to the Devil.

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