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Taylor Swift – loml (Loss of My Life) | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

The 12th track on Taylor Swift’s brand new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ speaks of a love story that was not meant to be. The song is deceivingly titled “loml” and is anticipated to be about Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

‘The Tortured Poets Department’ is Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album released on April 19, 2024. A last-minute announcement revealed that the album was in fact a double album containing 31 tracks, with only a few features from Post Malone, and Florence + The Machine. The album follows Taylor’s previous studio album ‘Midnights‘ from 2022.

Typically, the ‘loml’ acronym stands for ‘Love of My Life.’ In that case, this song would have had a quite different ending. However, in this song, ‘loml’ stands for ‘Loss of My Life,’ as Taylor Swift sings about the potential forever partner and how it had to end.

Taylor Swift had her longest and most successful relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn for six years since 2016. In several songs throughout this period, such as “London Boy,” and “Lover,” Taylor Swift has unanimously admitted that Joe Alwyn might be The One for her. They kept their relationship under the radar and it blossomed in the shade of the public eye. However, towards the latter part of their relationship, some songs, like “The Great War,” hinted at turmoil in their relationship.

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Taylor Swift “loml” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Taylor Swift talks about the back-and-forth in her relationship. “Waltzing back” into a relationship signifies that they jumped back into it again and again carefree. They have done this so many times they know the way back into each other’s arms so well.

Taylor recalls a time when she was away and the two had a little rough patch between them. They wrote it off as ‘being kids’ and immature.

I felt aglow like this
Never before and never since

Taylor Swift admits that what she had was something special, even after her long list of ex-lovers. She has been searching for such love since never to be found.


In the hook of the song, Taylor Swift tells how it all started–with the first sight they are hooked. She could tell it was going to be a legendary run. The first kiss turns to many kisses under the moonlight and eventually to him being down on one knee.

The gears turn quickly next.

Still alivе, killing time at the cemеtery
Never quite buried

Days had turned to months to years and now they are just there. They are functioning adults, but dead inside. It feels as if they are living in the cemetery–neither dead nor alive.

They must have uttered those magical words a million times, day in and out. Regardless, how have those words lost every meaning after a few short years? ‘Love of my life.’

Verse 2

Taylor Swift explores further into her relationship.

He came into her life as if some wind of fate blew him into her arms. And we already know about how their first encounter went–legendary. He changed for the better–at least that’s what he said. She was happy.

That is until she realized that he was a work of art–and he was a fake. He painted a beautiful image of heaven for them to live in. But soon, they had to realize it was not a very accurate depiction of heaven, or what they thought heaven was supposed to be.

A con man sells a fool a get-love-quick scheme

Taylor compares the classic ‘get-rich-quick’ scam to a ‘get-love-quick’ scheme, building on the idea that things built quickly aren’t meant to last. How did it go from calling him the ‘love of my life’ to a ‘con artist’?


The latter part of the second chorus of “loml” might give us a hint as to who this song is about.

You cinephile in black and white

A ‘cinephile’ is a person who is fond of movies/cinemas. Unironically, Taylor Swift’s last boyfriend was Joe Alwyn, a British movie star.


Taylor’s songwriting skills shine the brightest in the bridges of the songs.

Taylor recalls the countless times they talked about their plans. They talked about weddings and babies. But these stories remained stories. They almost had it all. But fate wouldn’t give it all to two people. Something has to give.

Taylor Swift wonders if her past memories are second-hand embarrassed about how her life unfolded.

What they had was legendary, although it was momentary. Now Taylor feels as if it was all unnecessary.


The third and final chorus of the song is also the saddest of them all.

When they were roaring, they were roaring loud. It took a few years for everyone to realize that these were not roars, but rather screams.

The coward claimed he was a lion

Their breakup became so exhausting for everyone. She can only seem to remember his brooding eyes across the table.

Yet, despite everything, he is the ‘loss of my life’ for Taylor. What they had was legendary. It was momentary, but not unnecessary.

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