Ed Sheeran acoustic She Looks So Perfect

Watch Ed Sheeran Cover 5SOS’s “She Looks So Perfect” Acoustic!

Ed Sheeran with his acoustic guitar is my ultimate music haven. Eddie recently performed his single “Thinking Out Loud” acoustic version and I have not recovered from it yet. However we have a cover by Ed Sheeran of the overnight-hit band “5 Seconds of Summer” or “5SOS”.

She Looks So Perfect” is a song by the Australian band from their self-titled debut album “5 Seconds of Summer”. The song was an instant massive hit and brought the band to the spotlight. Ed Sheeran covering the song is another hint as to the global reach of that song. “She Looks So Perfect” originally is a POP song, very creatively done by the 5SOS group. However Ed Sheeran managed to work his magic on the track and make it acoustic and epic!

Buy 5SOS’s “5 Seconds of Summer” album on iTunes / Amazon

Buy 5SOS’s “She Looks So Perfect” track on iTunes / Amazon

Ed Sheeran performed this acoustic track while on UK’s Capital FM radio. He also performed other tracks from his own album “X”.

Watch Ed Sheeran Cover “She Looks So Perfect” Live and Acousitc

So what do you think? You may know that I always give prominence to the original version of a song, but this cover makes me reconsider my priorities.

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