momford and sons new single 'believe' from wilder mind album

Mumford and Sons Release New Song “Believe” from ‘Wilder Mind’

Momford and Sons are prepping to release their third studio album ‘Wilder Mind‘ on May 4, 2015. This is their follow up album after the highly successful ‘Babel’ album. Today, we get to hear the first single off of ‘Wilder Mind’ and it’s good. And this is Momford and Sons like you have never heard before. “Believe” features heavy drums and electric guitars-alot!

Listen to “Believe” Single by Momford and Sons from ‘Wilder Mind’

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In a recent interview Momford and Sons revealed that they are in pursuit of a new ‘sound’ for their band. And electric music is their first stop. And from the looks of it, they are doing it pretty good.

“It didn’t feel like a huge departure in some way, you know? It felt kind of natural to us. It sounds kind of like a jolt or something, but for us it was just where we were headed. We were never too heavily wedded to a certain type of instrument.” – Momford and Sons in Rollingstone interview

So it seems to us that there will be more experimental music types on ‘Wilder Mind’. And we are excited for it.

The album drops out on May 4, 2015, adding on to the list of amazing albums released and to-be released in this year. A truly great year for music.

Enjoy the brand new single by Momford and Sons and leave a comment about your opinions on the track.

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