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Watch Lupe Fiasco’s “Madonna” Music Video Featuring Nikki Jean

Lupe Fiasco released the music video for “Madonna” song found on his latest album ‘Tetsuo & Youth’. The original track is titled “Madonna (And Other Mothers In the Hood)” and features the talented Nikki Jean. Lupe’s latest album has been highly acclaimed by the critiques as one of the best albums in recent times and “Madonna” visuals are inline with the overall theme of the album.

The visuals show a teenage boy living about his daily life and another woman struggling in life with drug abuse. In the end, their stories become one.

Watch Lupe Fiasco in “Madonna” Music Video with Nikki Jean

The visuals were premiered on last night.

Lupe also released a never-before-heard track “Atomic Misphilosophy” supposedly from an unreleased album of his.

You can buy “Madonna” on iTunes.

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