yelawolf best friend music video featuring eminem

Watch Yelawolf’s “Best Friend” Music Video featuring Eminem

The Slumerican brought us a brand new collaboration on his new album, with the track “Best Friend“. It was an inspiring track, with some killer verses from Eminem. Today the official music video for “Best Friend” was released. Watch the video below.

Yelawolf’s signature old West dress makes an appearance on this music video as well. And we see a wolf running around, which is in line with the album cover of ‘Love Story’ which contains a wolf.

Eminem drops his syllable-heavy verses throughout the music video, where both artists are seen rapping in a church.

Both the artists get quite deep on this track, talking about their personal experiences. Yelawolf talks about how everyone has looked down on him because of his appearance (“tattoos on your face…”). And Eminem talks about his life long friend Proof, who was shot dead. So in a nutshell, it’s a very personal song from both the artists and a great addition to Yelawolf’s newly released album ‘Love Story’.

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