katy perry rise music video teaser clip

Watch a Snippet of “Rise” Music Video by Katy Perry

Olympic 2016 is around the corner and a few artists got busy creating their own musical tributes to the largest sporting event in the world. Katy Perry released “Rise”-a powerful anthem dedicated to the endurance, dedication and winning and losing that’s built in to these sports. The video included footage from previous Olympic events that were memorable and heartwarming. However, in just three more days Katy Perry will release the official music video for “Rise” and we have a short teaser clip or you.

Watch “Rise” Snippet


The 27 second preview portrays Katy Perry as a parachuter-clad in air-force-like dressing. She struggles with the parachute attached to her body that’s blowing in the wind dragging her back. I predict, the music video will show how she overcomes the inherent fears of parachuting and goes forward.

At one point we even see Katy Perry drowned in water and the parachute lays over her preventing her from surfacing. At another point we see her parachute stuck in a high cliff and she hangs helplessly and in fear. I imagine we will see more tough situations and in the end she overcoming them with dedication and continuous trying.

In the snippet Katy Perry screams “don’t be surprised, I will still rise..”

“Rise” full music video will come out on August 04, 2016.

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