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Watch Eminem’s Record-breaking “Lose Yourself” Performance Live on ‘Revival Tour’

Eminem’s ‘Revival Tour’ has only been on the road for two concerts so far and both have broken attendance records. The Oslo, Norway show had a record-shattering attendance with tickets being sold out in less than 2 minutes. The second concert was held in Stockholm, Sweden and the Friends Arena was packed with Stans who sang al the lyrics to all the songs on the ‘Revival Tour’ setlist.

Eminem used his all-time classic track “Lose Yourself” to close the Stockholm performance. This song has lived through ages and still sends chills down any Stan’s spine everytime you hear it. This song is loosely based around Eminem’s life growing up.

Before the final act in Stockholm on ‘Revival Tour,’ we hear the entire 65,000 Stans chanting “lose yourself” continuously. The crowd then goes pitch silent when a salient keyboard starts playing the intro music of the song. Then Eminem takes the stage with his hype man Mr. Porter.

Eminem still runs around the stage with the same energy he had years ago while performing this “Lose Yourself” live act.

Watch Eminem Perform “Lose Yourself” Live on ‘Revival Tour’

Eminem appeared in his new bearded look with a cap on and track pants. The crowd seemed to be singing and rapping along with the Rap God throughout the entire song.

After this 8-minute performance, Eminem bowed out from the stage in his own unique way. Probably only Eminem could through a middle finger at the fans and get a cheer in return.

Eminem went on to thank the amazing crowd who had gathered to watch Eminem perform after several decades in Sweden;

“Stockholm, once again thank you so much for making us feel at home. We love you! Get home safe. I’m outta here. Peace!”

Let us know what you thought about this special performance of “Lose Yourself” live on the ‘Revival Tour.’ There will be more amazing acts to come on this tour. For now, we leave you with this.

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