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Taylor Swift Teases New Music “Gorgeous” Releasing Tonight

Is Taylor Swift preparing to release another single from ‘Reputation’ album? This mysterious clips released on her social media profile suggests that a new song might be coming out and it’s coming out very soon. Few hours ago Taylor Swift released a very short video clip with the letters “Gorgeous” written all over the video in the same template as ‘Reputation’ promo covers do.

The clips was released on Instagram first and had no further details than a weird baby voice singing a single “gorgeous” word. The music that follows is quite nothing like we have heard from Taylor Swift before. But then again “LWYMMD” was nothing like anything we’ve heard from Taylor, and still it turned out great. So we have hopes for this single as well.

Watch the “Gorgeous” Teaser Clip by Taylor Swift

AS you can see, this Instagram post does not even have a caption. So fans were left in utter darkness.

However, the same release on Facebook was not so subtle. That clip gave some more information-a release date and time.

So if we connect all the dots together we think, a new single by Taylor Swift by the title “Gorgeous” is releasing tonight at midnight at Eastern time and it is from the upcoming ‘Reputation’ album.

What do you think is going on?

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