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Zayn Covers “Bed Peace” by Jhene Aiko (Review)

Zayn seems to be quite busy moving from studio to studio, working on his upcoming sophomore album and also releasing these continuous covers. Zayn covered “Me, Myself and I” by Beyonce, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, and the latest addition is “Bed Peace” by Jhene Aiko.

“Bed Peace” comes from Jhene Aiko’s 2013 album ‘Sail Out’ and also features vocals by Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover. Zayn goes ahead and covers Childish’s rap verses as well.

All these covers are released amidst heavy promotion for Zayn’s upcoming album, predicted to release in November this year. He released “Too Much” single featuring Timbaland just a day ago, and the other singles from the album are “Let Me,” “Sour Diesel,” and “Entertainer.” It is unclear if this string of covers has anything to do with the upcoming album, which is very unlikely.

Listen to Zayn Cover Jhene Aiko’s “Bed Peace”

A unique feature in all of these covers by Zayn is that he completely re-does the original songs and makes them his own. He recreates the music, beat, rhythm and style entirely that some covers are almost unrecognizable with their originals. This speaks to the talent of the artist.

Watch below the original song and music video by Jhene Aiko.

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