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Eminem – Venom (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The 13th and final track on Eminem’s new album ‘Kamikaze‘ is titled “Venom.” This is the lead single from the upcoming Marvel-production ‘Venom’ movie. This was the only track from ‘Kamikaze’ album which was teased before the release of the surprise album. The hard-hitting song is a tribute to the symbiotic alien character from the movie.

“Venom” is also one of the few tracks from the new album that does not focus on obliterating the mumble rappers and artists who brought down hip-hop. Other songs such as “The Ringer,” “Kamikaze” and “Not Alike” come down heavily on many popular names in the industry.

“Venom” is written by Luis Resto and Eminem.

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“When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.” – IMDb

Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock and then subsequently the infamous villainous character Venom.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Venom”


These lyrics set the tone for the song. It’s a hard-hitting song, as Eminem spits verses with force. He talks about how situations can be bad for anybody. We assume this is what happens to Eddie Brock in the movie.

‘Mitochondria’ is the part of a cell in a human body that is responsible for supplying energy for the cell. Parasites such as viruses latch on this part to feed off of this energy and diminishing the supply to the cell, thus making the body weaker. In the movie, too, a symbiotic parasite latches on to Eddie’s body.

Verse 1

The first line on the first verse appears first on all three verses of the song. Eminem compares “devil” to the parasite from the movie and vague reference to himself as well. MGK called Eminem “Rap Devil” in a diss track.

In the next lines, Eminem is alluding to the revered horror writer Edgar Allan Poe. “Venom” track takes the shape of a horrorcore-a subgenre of rap.

Edgar Allan Poe salad is a famous salad containing mixed greens, apples, pears, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, and grilled chicken.

Eminem talks about the Black Ivory Coffee, dubbed the most expensive coffee in the world, which is made from elephant manure. All-time high refers to the exquisite smell of the coffee as well as the high price of this brand. Kahlúa is a coffee flavoured liquor in Mexico.

Eminem also talks about his life-being poor and thin to placing second in the 1997 Rap Olympics. And the next lines tell how he collaborated with Dr. Dre after the success of the ’97 Rap Olympics. Em also shouts out to Bizarre and late friend Proof.

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Eminem talks about the attack style of this alien creature Venom. In most instances, it seems as if Eminem is drawing inspiration from his life and career. Venom spits acidic liquid and Eminem spits acidic words. The alien has a surprise attack tactic, and Eminem dropped a surprise album that took shots at half the industry.

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Verse 2

Shotgun pellets are the small iron balls that shoot out from the gun when shot. Eminem is saying his felt pen written lyrics hit the target like shotgun pellets. He proved this in ‘Kamikaze’ album.

Eminem gives a shout out to Danica Patrick-the famed female racecar driver. However, she crashed her car and went on in reverse in the 2018 Indianapolis 500, after which she retired.

Eminem unravels the composition of his alter ego Slim Shady to be a combination of suicide aircrafts of Kamikaze and a preacher of love and freedom Gandhi. However, Em believes his Kamikaze mission will kill both Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady.

He also talks about the functioning of the brain when injected with Venom. “Thought spun” from earlier in the verse and ‘not being able to comprehend what is happening’ are symptoms of a brain under poisonous venom.

Verse 3

Eminem gives a shout out to one of the classic alien movies that changed the sci-fi genre: “E.T.” In the movie, a boy named Elliot takes care of an alien in his house.

Eminem refers to the latch of this Symbiote Venom to a ‘chokehold.’ The host is quite helpless to the bond of the parasite. If the parasite is to be destroyed, so could be the host. Eminem may be referring to his alter ego Slim Shady here. People have been screaming to bring back Slim Shady-the crazy and maniac version of Marshall Mathers. Eminem might be feeling as if with the death of Slim Shady, so will be the legacy of Eminem.

Eminem again talks about working with Dr. Dre, on how he was Em’s one shot of boosting the career to the Rap God status. He is also referring to the Oscar-winning track “Lose Yourself.” Next, he talks about his life as an addict, 10 years ago. He ate tasteless leftovers when he was struggling in the trailer park home with his mother. He ate these foods so much, they began to taste good in the end. He washed down this food with liquor. Next, he puffed paint thinner. Some people, who cannot afford drugs, are known to get high on inhaling paint thinner. Then he wakes up with a headache and takes the rectangular pill-Xanax, to the level of overdosing on them. Then he succumbs into a whole world of demons chasing him in his head.

Eminem refers to himself as a parasite. Many of the fans are hooked on to him. He tells that he probably has brainwashed and ruined the lives of our parents and our children too. This, indirectly, says that Em’s music has been active through several generations. Em calls himself the supervillain to the parents of kids who listened to him.

This concludes our annotation of the supervillainous song “Venom” by Eminem from the official soundtrack of the upcoming Marvel movie.

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Full Lyrics to “Venom” by Eminem


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