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Jessie Reyez Confesses Her Struggles in “Saint Nobody” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Jessie Reyez continues to amaze the industry with the fresh and raw music she produces one after the other. Yesterday (19), Jessie Reyez announced the release of her latest album ‘Being Human in Public’ EP, and the newest addition to the tracklist is “Saint Nobody,” and this is probably the best one off of the album. Calling it the best song on the album is a challenging task when it has to compete with singles such as “F*** Being Friends,” “Dear Yessie,” “Imported” and more.

The first track on ‘Being Human in Public’ EP is “Saint Nobody” and this track captures the essence of Jessie Reyez, unlike any other song does. Even the animated video shown in the audio release shows a twitchy little girl, with massive hair, and naked, sitting in a corner while the rest of the world watches her in shock. We think she is trying to say that the world looks at her differently for being different. Even an elderly Cupid looks baffled and given up seeing Jessie Reyez’s state.

The title could be a clever spin on the idea that nobody is a saint in this world, and nobody should be judged based on their flaws.

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Jessie Reyez even caught the attention of Eminem and got to feature on two tracks “Good Guy” and “Nice Guy” off of Eminem’s latest album ‘Kamikaze.’

“Saint Nobody” is a song about her dedication to her music and what pushes her to do that. It also talks about how she is okay being “a little strange.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Saint Nobody”

Verse 1

The start of the song is as brutal and honest as it gets. She confesses that she feels like dying, every day. This is the struggle. This is the making of something great. But she managed herself to keep pushing for one more day. She gets plenty of help from God.

Jessie says she has been called ‘strange.’ This could be a very bad result of the stereotyping disease in society. She may look different, but she certainly catches up to that with her amazing vocals and lyrical skills.

Angels or people with good souls are said to ‘need’ Jesus or God in their lives. But Jessie says Devil or people with tainted souls need Jesus or God more. She could also be referring to crooks with halos drawn around their heads pretending to be followers. This is also in line with the title of the song.


Continuing on the “i could die today” theme, she says even if she doesn’t live to see tomorrow, she is ready for it. She is guns-blazing on every today so that she would have no regrets if she doesn’t see tomorrow. She says she will be alright with it.


These lyrics of “Saint Nobody” says that Jessie Reyez is committed to living a full life. She puts some real effort into her music and she does not let the world pressure her to be somebody she is not. So, she is at least enjoying this uphill battle. So when she is at the top, if her gas tank is on empty, she could still be happy that she enjoyed the way up. It’s mostly about the journey, not the destination.

Verse 2

Jessie Reyez talks about her work ethos. When we complain about the grind from 9 am to 5 pm, Reyez says her work schedule is from 8 am until she faints from exhaustion. Maybe, that is what it takes to produce amazing music such as she has done on ‘Being Human in Public’ EP.

She knows she has a better life than millions of others in this world. Among the people who die out of hunger and thirst every day, Reyez (and all of us) are lucky enough to have three meals and a roof over our heads. So she does not complain about the life she has got. But she wants to elevate. That is why she works like a motherf*cker.

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Jessie Reyez talks about her family in this part of the song. She confesses that her parents came from nothing. She remembers the nights her dad fought to bring back some food to them. She remembers the nights her mother cried herself to sleep. So Jessie Reyez has taken it upon herself to continue the fight and make sure she does not give her parents anymore of such nights. That is why she works like a motherf*cker.


In the outro of “Saint Nobody,” Jessie sends out a prayer. Here is the English translation:

“Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus
Holy Mary, mother of God
Pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death

Truly amazing work by young Jessie Reyez.

We have laid down our thoughts and opinions on this new single by Jessie Reyez. It is time for you to drop your ideas of the song and the talented Jessie Reyez. Write your critiques on the song, artist and the lyrics in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Saint Nobody” by Jessie Reyez


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