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Jessie Reyez Drops Second EP ‘Being Human in Public’ (Album Review, Tracklist, Artwork and More)

This 27-year-old Canadian-Colombian descent artist is someone the industry and the fans have to look forward to. Jessie Reyez has made a strong impression in the industry for the short span of two EPs she has released within a matter of 2 years. Even legends such as Eminem have noticed her unique style, as Eminem featured her on two songs “Good Guy” and “Nice Guy” off of his newest album ‘Kamikaze.’

The first EP titled ‘Kiddo’ contained some remarkable tracks such as “Figures” and “Gatekeeper.” Her unique voice and style make her music that much more interesting and enjoyable. ‘Kiddo’ album was a huge success as the album marked Platinum in sales. She also collaborated with some of the main artists such as Eminem and Calvin Harris on “Hard to Love.”

Her 2018 comeback album ‘Being Human in Public’ contains 7 tracks that are equally amazing. She released each track throughout the course of several months and each one has trumped the one before. Today, she released “Saint Nobody,” an open confession about her life and her struggles, to complete the new EP tracklist.

Album Artwork for ‘Being Human in Public’ Extended Play

'Being Human in Public' EP artwork (Image Credits: HotNewHipHop)
‘Being Human in Public’ EP artwork (Image Credits: HotNewHipHop)

The album artwork itself is a proper depiction what Jessie Reyez attempts to tell in this album. Songs such as “Saint Nobody,” “Dear Yessie” and “Imported” on her EP talk about accepting the fact that she is seen as “strange” or “weird” by the public.

Full Tracklist for ‘Being Human in Public’ EP

1. Saint Nobody
2. Apple Juice
3. Sola
4. F*** Being Friends
5. Dear Yessie
6. Imported Ft. JRM
7. Body Count Ft. Normani & Kehlani

Announcing the release of the album Jessie Reyez commented: “EP avail now. Being Human in Public. Publicly I’m in my favourite place in the world at this very moment. Why? Cause it’s needed. Link in Bio #BeingHumanInPublic Whats your favourite lyric?” Reyez is on her ‘Being Human Tour’ right now.

Jessie Reyez does not attempt to sugarcoat her music. In her 2017 song “Gatekeeper,” she talked about the sexual abuse going on in the music industry. Her influx into music is also influenced by a severe heartbreak at the age of 17. She also confesses that her upbringing has not been smooth sailing and how her parents had to struggle to make ends meet. All of these reasons combined, Jessie does not write about rainbows and unicorns and princes on white horses. Instead, she screams: “I got your heart in my hand and your dick in the other/ You ain’t scared to f*ck, but you’re scared of being lovers/ Why is that, huh?/ My p*ssy beat better than my heart do?” in “F*** Being Friends.” There is no escape from explicit lyrics on this album, and we do not encourage her to do so either. This is raw talent oozing out.

‘Being Human in Public’ EP manifests many forms of Jessie Reyez as a human being. On one track she is a hopeless romantic, on another, she is a feminist, on another, she is an achiever, on another, she is an outcast and on all of them, she is a weird little girl.

You can grab a copy of ‘Being Human in Public’ album on iTunes and Amazon for less than 7 bucks and that will be a worthy investment.

Check out all the songs on her album and do let us know what you think about this upcoming artist and her unique style.

If you listened to the album, comment down your favorite song or lyric from the album and why. Maybe, we love it as well.


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