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Jessie Reyez Drops New Single “Dear Yessie” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The more we listen to this song, the more it occurs to us that this song is a self-confessional by Jessie Reyez. “Yessie” could be identified as a different pronunciation of the artist’s name-Jessie. Much like almost all of her songs, “Dear Yessie,” too, is raw, powerful and unique.

“Dear Yessie” appears in Reyez’s new EP ‘Being Human in Public’ released this year. The EP produced some uniquely special tracks such as “Sola,” “Apple Juice,” “F*ck Being Friends” and “Body Count.” However, there are still a few more songs to be released from this extended play.

The song is written by Jessie Reyez and Tim Suby, where the production was done by the latter. Even the animated artwork on the single cover shows a girl looking very much like Jessie Reyez.

Jessie Reyez (Image Credits: Genius)
Jessie Reyez (Image Credits:

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Let us take a stroll through these lyrics by Jessie.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Dear Yessie”

Verse 1

Jessie Reyez confesses that this song is going to be her realest self-revelation. We find this true, going through the lyrics.

Jessie Reyez is not the kind of girl to be found pampered up, doll-looking and high-maintenance. She loves to keep her hair fuzzy, and she wears baggy and comfy clothes. Her eyebrows aren’t on fleek and she barely has any makeup on. She calls this being minority in the modern world. Especially in the celebrity industry, looks take up a big portion of being famous. So Jessie has chosen herself to be a minority among them.

Yessie also says that girls are often looked down on in the society. She says if she had a penis, she might have gotten somewhere in the industry. Jessie Reyez, in our opinion, is one of the most overlooked artists in the game right now. She was fortunate to be spotted by Eminem for two tracks on his new album, namely “Good Guy” and “Nice Guy.”


The chorus of “Dear Yessie” is another confessional of her private life which re-assures that she is far from a lady-like girl.

Her sexual preferences include: keeping the lights on, being violent in bed, taking the command and ‘riding’ the guy and love when the guy looks up to her. These are not the usual girly traits you come across in a girl.

She is a minority!

Verse 2

Jessie reveals more personality traits of her. She admits that she too has her own demons and skeletons. She is not perfect, nor pure. Highly loyal to her blood. She is nice sometimes but is quite sensitive. Maybe this tough exterior shell is a protective cover for her sensitive interior.

Reyez also says that she tries to stay away from the negatives of life.


Jessie Reyez says her goal in life is to leave a legendary name behind. She knows this journey is not easy, so she is ready to bite the crust to get to her dream.

Jessie also pays homage to two artists Bobby and Amy in the song. Bobby could refer to a number of artists, namely Bobby Short, Bobby Caldwell or Bobby McFerrin-all legendary Jazz artists. Amy could refer to the late great Amy Winehouse.

Reyez says that she is taking on a difficult challenge to achieve the legendary status in the game. Sometimes she feels the pressure and during those times alcohol looks like a remedy. She is confessing her life to us and “Dear Yessie” is her own note to herself.

Jessie Reyez continues to impress us with her creative lyricism and vocal skills with every new song she releases. We absolutely adore this new song by this 27-year-old.

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Full Lyrics to “Dear Yessie” by Jessie Reyez


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