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XXXTentacion – Train Food (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Train Food” is the third track on XXXTentacion’s third studio album ‘SKINS.’ This is one of the first songs written for the album by X and the producer John Cunningham. The third studio album drops after 5 months since the rapper’s death by a fatal gun wound in Florida.

Much like “Guardian Angel” and “One Minute” featuring Kanye West on the ‘SKINS’ album, “Train Food,” too, speaks about death and how it cannot be avoided. X again displays signs of severe darkness surrounding his lyricism in this track. These songs are in full contrast to the other songs released posthumous, such as “Moonlight” which describes his adoration of a beautiful girl.

XXXTentacion personifies Death as a person in this song and describes an eerie encounter with him. He was just walking home when he comes across Death and now he is on a train track unable to move. Death is swift and vidid like that.

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XXXTentacion’s camp released his first posthumous album ‘SKINS’ on December 7, 2018. X’s mother Cleopatra Bernard is believed to be behind in managing the release of his music. 

The song title ‘train food’ does not mean anything specific. It could have been inspired from the scenario unfolding at the train station, plus ‘food for thought.’

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Train Food”


XXXTentacion gives a prologue to his song and an intro to his life. He was walking home just like any other day from the train station. “Content with misery” is such a powerful statement. It could be interpreted to say that he is a defeated man and he has accepted his fate. 

He reassures himself that tomorrow will be better-something he just tells himself these days to get by. 

He was dressed in winter clothes probably because he was feeling cold inside-at a loss of hope, faith and companionship. So he avoids the masses of people who were enjoying the bliss of summer Sun.

Verse 1

So XXXTentacion takes a different path home in “Train Food.” Here the different path could mean his actions in real life-involving drugs, gangs, etc. This different path just might have led to his death in June 2018. In the song, he meets a person that nobody would appreciate meeting-Death. 

At a glance X recognizes that this is Death and he is there to take him away. X doesn’t even try to run away. XXXTentacion was waiting to meet his end, from the age of 13!

Verse 2

XXXTentacion meets Death and even strikes up a casual conversation. X recalls his thoughts on self-harming as a way of coping with his troubled years. But now that he is in the face of Death, his problems seem distant. After a few dialogues, Death prepares to take X on his final ride. X then thinks to himself that he should have run when he had the chance-maybe from the different path he adopted to cope up with his troubled youth.

Verse 3

In the third and last verse of “Train Food,” XXXTentacion is struggling to escape the crutches of Death. 

All of a sudden X wakes up on a train track, unable to move and there is a train approaching. He calls out for God, to no avail. He can scream, but nobody can hear him, or no one is coming to the rescue. He thinks about what his life could have been. After X’s first and second albums, he sky-rocketed to fame. Maybe that was his calling to change his path that he took on a while back. However, his past caught up on him and ended his life in June 2018. In the train tracks, he imagines himself being a father, being a famous artist and owning an expensive Maybach car.

But it’s too late for hindsight now. The only question he has to ask himself is whether his scale of life is tipped more towards going up (heaven) or down (hell).

XXXTentacion’s troubled thoughts are very dramatically illustrated in most of the songs in ‘SKINS’ album. 

Let us know what you think about “Train Food” by XXXTentacion from his new album. Do you think his ideology was to convey his deepest emotions in the new album? Or do you think he was just aiming for fame?

Complete Lyrics to “Train Food” by XXXTentacion

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