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Watch Snippet of XXXTentacion’s ‘SKINS’ Album Release Party

The untimely demise of Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy or professionally known as XXXTentacion, has left a gaping void in the industry as well as among the fans. The 20-year-old rapper was shot dead in Florida in July 2018, for reasons suspected as relating to drug deals. By the time, X had released his second studio album ‘?’ in March and was preparing to release the third studio album ‘SKINS.’

The rapper’s passing shocked the music world, and the fans and his family have still not got over him. X’s work-in-progress album ‘SKINS’ was completed by his family and his producer John Cunningham. The album released on December 7, 2018, 6 months after the rapper’s passing. At a glance into the tracks on the album, we can feel the pain he was going through, struggling with his past, relationships and foes. In many of his songs from the album, such as “Guardian Angel,” “Train food,” “STARING AT THE SKY” and “One minute,” we hear the rapper confessing of his excruciating mental pain of the shadows from his past. 

XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, was seen at his grave mourning the rapper, despite their struggling history. She posted a picture of herself at the cemetery next to Jahseh’s monument and later on added a video clip of an outdoor show. In the video see a significant gathering of people, at an outdoor venue, and we hear “Guardian Angel” from ‘SKINS’ album playing in the background. Little did we know, the video clip was from an album screening party held in honor of XXXTentacion.

Watch the Snippet of ‘SKINS’ Album Release Party

Most likely than not, we will be getting the full length video for this album release party, where they would go through the entire 10-track length of the album. Most likely, the video will feature clips of X’s performances and collaborations with other artists mashed into one clip.

We see a wide range of people in attendance in this montage clip. We also see a lot of people holding their arms crossed, in symbolizing an ‘X.’

You can purchase the ‘SKINS’ album on iTunes and Amazon.

Are you a fan of XXXTentacion? If so, what made you a fan? Have you listened to the new album? What are your favourite tracks? Drop a comment below.

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