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ZAYN Premiers “There You Are” Lyric Video from ‘Icarus Falls’ (Lyrics Review)

Zayn announced the new studio album ‘Icarus Falls,’ to be released in mid-DEcember 2018. We have received many songs from the album so far, but the 27-track-album gives us hopes for more new music. Today, Zayn released yet another promotional single from the album titled “There You Are” and it’s heart-warming.

The released tracks from ‘Icarus Falls’ so far are; “Let Me,” “Sour Diesel,” “Entertainer,” “Good Years,” “Rainberry,” “No Candle No Light” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Fingers” and “Too Much” featuring Timbaland. Zayn talked about how excited he is to share new music in an interview with Inquirer.

“I am so buzzing for my new music, I’m so excited for people to hear it. I think some elements of the music will surprise people although it’s all a very clear evolution of my sound from Mind of Mine.
I’m also excited to play with this album visually and make some killer videos.”

Zayn on ‘Icarus Falls’

So we are preparing ourselves for some kickass music videos from Zayn.

Listen to “There You Are” by Zayn

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“There You Are” speaks of a girl who is always there for the singer. Zayn says this girl has been there for him even in hs worst mistakes. She would be the only one to see some light in his flaws and build on that to make him feel good.

Zayn says he needs this girl by his side in his sickness and health, in his good times and bad, and when he is young and old. Interesting how he never brings up the point that he wants to marry her. Maybe he does not want to ruin such a good deal, maybe she denied marriage, maybe he does not want to settle down. It is unclear what the expectations of the girl is.

What is clear as daylight is that, Zayn needs this girl in his life. She has been the anchor that has kept the ‘Zayn’ ship at bay. Without her, he would float away in the current.

“Can’t see when I’m falling
Losing myself
But then I hear you calling”

Zayn in “There You Are”

Let us hear what you think about this brand new promotional single by Zayn from his upcoming album. Any favorite songs from the album so far? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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