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Ariana Grande – in my head (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Ariana Grande just released possibly one of the biggest albums for 2019, and it is only February 8th now. The fifth studio album titled ‘thank u, next’ releases just 5 months after the release of her fourth studio album ‘Sweetener’ in 2018. A rollercoaster of emotions spun by several break ups throughout the last year fueled this new album, and “in my head” is yet another manifestation of these difficult emotions.

thank u, next‘ album was released on February 8, 2019, after two massive singles releases with music videos. “thank u, next” was the first single talking about being grateful for her past relationships for making her who she is today. This single inspired the album title as well. The second single “7 rings” took a contrasting theme to the first, and was based on a real-life incident where a drunk Ariana bought 7 diamond engagement rings for her girlfriends and herself. The third single and music video “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” had a twist where we were led to believe that Ariana was shooting for the guy!

“in my head” starts off with a quote by Doug Middlebrook-one of Ariana’s closest friends. Ariana said in a Tweet that “he was a major help to me thru some v difficult moments so i wanted to capture that a lil…” The song goes on to explain how you can be deep in love with a person and still only have discovered a version of them. The other version, if discovered, could be the make or break deal.

A fan Tweeted to Ariana asking the meanng behind “in my head.” She replied;

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The intro by Doug Middlebrook pretty much sets the theme for the entire song, and possibly the entire album. In these lines, Doug goes on to explain how we could be in love with a version of the other person, and not even know the other versions. But when these other phases start revealing, it could be make or break. Can we really fix the other person? Most likely not. It will come to a point where we have to adjust ourselves to the new version unravelling and try to move on. If not, it will be a deal breaker.

In the first verse of “in my head,” Ari sings about how we create an illusion of what we want to see in the person we love. This picture we paint might not be the real person sitting infront of us. But who is to blame? We only created that impression in our heads.

Ariana Grande says that she is used to seeing the best in people. When the whole world sees a demon, she sees an angel. This is interesting as Ariana called her ex-Mac Miller an ‘angel’ in “thank u, next.” However, there should not be any hard correlation between the two references.

In the Bridge of the song, Ariana sings “Wanted you to grow, but, boy, you wasn’t budding.” After the split with Pete Davidson, Ariana has spoken about him being immature. Apparently Pete Davidson-the comedian-joked about the suicide bombing at Ariana’s Manchester concert, and also he replaced Ariana’s birth control pills with Tic Tacs. So we can really see how un-budding Pete Davidson was.

Whoever this song is intended for, this is something we can all relate to. What is your opinion on “in my head” by Ariana Grande? Do you have built up impressions about your significant other. Drop a comment below.

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