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This is How Benjamin Button Became Friends with Taylor Swift (“ME!” BTS)

We already watched the “ME!” music video, several times, and we saw a new kitten making an appearance in it. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, who features on the song and the video, presents this kitten to a moody Taylor Swift to win her back after an argument. Soon after the music video was released worldwide on April 26th, Taylor Swift took to social media to announce that the new kitten is already a part of her cat family.

“And then there were three…,” Taylor captioned, not forgetting her old cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. These two also makes an appearance in the video.

As per this “ME!” music video behind the scenes clip released today, Taylor Swift had no idea about the kitten being brought on set for the video. The first time she sees him, she welcomes him “Hi, honey. You’re beautiful.”

Taylor Swift asks a lady “can I have him?” and she gets the green light, “he is available.” And the kitten is adopted into a luxury cat family immediately.

Even in later scenes of the BTS clip, we see Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie talking about the cat. Brendon says that the kitten has blue eyes; “I think they might be the same colour as yours. I think it might be your child.” Taylor replies, “I must have forgotten giving birth to him.”

And Taylor named him Benjamin Button.

One thing special about Benjamin Button is that he purrs a lot. He moves well with strangers–became friends with Brendon and Taylor almost instantly. Even got petted by Taylor’s mom and dad who were also present at the set.

We are sure that Olivia and Meredith would not love their momma giving all this attention to Benjamin Button right now.

Watch the behind the scenes clip for “ME!” music video below.

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