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Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie Open Up Billboard Music Awards 2019 with “ME!” Live Act

Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie got the honours of opening up the annual Billboard Music Awards 2019 last night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. The duo went on to deliver something extraordinary to welcome the celebrities and guests for the award show.

Although Taylor Swift did not manage to win any categories from the night, she clearly won the crowd with this stunning deliverance of her brand new single “ME!” from her upcoming seventh studio album. Her collaborator on the record-breaking single, Brendon Urie, too, made an appearance for the live performance.

Looking at the events from the live performance, a few things are straightforward. For one; Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie went all out for this opening act. There were probably 20-30 extras on the set. They were all dressed in bright colours, to match the theme of this new era.

Brendon Urie arrived at the stage gliding down on an umbrella, much like in the music video. Towards the end of the live act, there were probably another 10 people on umbrellas hovering over the stage.

The entire Billboard Music Awards 2019 stage was lit up in vibrant colours, waterfall lights, glitter, sparks and strobe lights. At times, from a distance, it is difficult to focus on anything happening on the stage, because there is so many happening at once.

The 7 ladies in colourful suits and suitcases, from the original music video, too, made an appearance on the BBMA live stage.

“Hey kids, Vegas in fun,” Taylor Swift altered the original lyrics to “ME!” to welcome the attendees to the awards show.

And of course, Brendon Urie ws dressed in a vibrant, floral and sparkly suit!

Do you think something was missing from this live act vs the music video? Perhaps, Benjamin Button? Drop a comment below.

Watch the live performance of “ME!” from the Billboard Music Awards 2019 below.

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