tyga goddamn video review

Tyga Drops “Goddamn” Hot Single and Video (Review)

Tyga is the life of the party and the first three singles released off of his upcoming 7th studio album are definite proof of this claim. The California based rapper released the third single titled “Goddamn” and yes, we have the same expression!

Tyga enters a what seems like a beat down Country club of a few elderly men and women sipping whiskey and beers. Tyga brings his own party to the club–girls, guitars and more girls. Produced by Arrad and Tyga, the video shows Tyga blowing the roof off of the Country club and getting everybody to dance with him. Good guy, Tyga!

The two previous singles from the upcoming seventh studio album are “Floss in the Bank” and “Girls Have Fun,” both of which were dance music as well.

As usual, Tyga spices up the scene with some hot models with scantily clad jeans. Another significant scene is when Tyga gives props to late Michael Jackson with an MJ tribute dance, also referencing the King of Pop’s “Billie Jean” hit.

And there are a lot of girls riding mechanic bulls, which seem to vibrate for some bizarre reason.

“Big platinum plaques but they ain’t for you (Nah)
I’m a California n*gga in a yellow Lamborghini (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
When I take off the top, take off your bikini (Ayy)
She a lil’ freak freak, let a n*gga skeet skeet (Eh, eh)
Beat it like Billie Jean, then I say hee hee (Hee hee)”

Complete lyrics on Genius.com

Watch the music video for “Goddamn” below.

One thing that is apparent is that Tyga’s new album is going to be pure ecstacy!

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