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Taylor Swift Doesn’t Mind Showing Her Belly Button Now

The Old Taylor really might be dead as she claims in her ‘Reputation’ album single “Look What You Made Me Do.” Although Taylor’s new 2019 era might be an attempt to return to a bubbly and sparkly ‘old Taylor’ era, we are clearly seeing some changes in the 29-year-old superstar’s personality.

From the get-go, Taylor Swift has been adamant about showing her belly button in public. No, she does not have a crazy belly button. It’s a personal preference, might even be a pet peeve of hers. To this end, she went to some extreme lengths to not show her navel during her massive and lengthy tours, in music videos, in public and even when she was wearing a bikini on the beach! Even during Taylor’s appearance in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2014, Taylor wore lingerie and still managed to hide her belly button.

Throughout her career, from “Tim McGraw” in 2016 to “ME!” in 2019, she has tried her best to stick to her rule. Not that there were lapses–Taylor’s vacations in Hawaii and Maui gave us glimpses of her navel. She also famously published a picture of herself revealing her belly button to the camera to subside the rumors surrounding it.

Taylor Swift reveals her belly button (Image: Hollywoodlife.com)

While all these pictures have been not very consciously taken, Taylor Swift in 2019 seems to be dropping pictures of her belly on purpose.

Of late, we have seen that Taylor Swift has dropped her rule on being photographed revealing her belly button. The reason is unknown! However, we can guess that her long-term relationship with British actor-Joe Alwyn might have added to her confidence boost which led to this change.

Further, we have known and loved Taylor Swift for being that awkward teenager who does not belong with the crowds. This might have assisted in her earlier decision to cover her belly. But today, Taylor Swift commands one of the largest fan armies of the world and she herself has the power to influence companies, media, charts, and votes. This, too, might have affected her confidence level to stop hiding anymore.

Or, simply, she does not care to hide her belly anymore! It’s not like she is a kid of 22 anymore.

Taylor Swift’s Facebook cover picture shows her jumping up with her hands held high and wearing short pants. In this picture, we get a good preview of her belly button.

Taylor Swift’s 2019 Facebook cover photo in promoting “ME!” single (Image: z953.ca)

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift is again photographed with her belly button revealed.

Taylor Swift posing for Entertainment Weekly Music Issue in May 2019 (Image: Reddit)

Dazzled in pink hair tips and a denim jacket and shorts, Taylor Swift seems to be bringing out her new era theme in this photoshoot.

So, yes, there dies the mysterious cat purring around Taylor’s infamous belly button!

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