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Taylor Swift Reveals Her Extensive Efforts to Include Easter Eggs in Pretty Much Everything She Puts Out!

Every artist/celebrity has their own thing that sets them apart from the rest. Taylor Swift has many, and one super-interesting (and often times annoying) trait is her love for cryptic communication. Taylor is known to hide messages and hints in her songs, lyrics, music videos, and from what we learn through this interview, in the pictures that she posts on social media! Easter Eggs is Taylor Swift’s thing.

Taylor Swift appeared on a special Music Issue of the Entertainment Weekly magazine, just weeks after she officially began her 7th studio album era with the first single titled “ME!.”

In a special video released by Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift sits down with the team to discuss the lengths and depths that she would go to include Easter Eggs in everything she releases.

How would Taylor Swift define an Easter Egg?

When you’re watching a movie or a music video, and you notice something in the background, and that something leads to sort of behind-the-scenes information–that’s an Easter Egg.

Taylor Swift wore her pastel colours-inspired sweater and kept her pink tipped hair falling down for this video.

Where does Taylor Swift love to hide Easter Eggs?

Taylor Swift went into great details of the thought process behind developing an Easter Egg, planning it, hiding it and making sure Swifties know that there is such a thing.

The 29-year-old superstar explained her favourite ways and means of including Easter Eggs;

  1. on clothing and jewelry
  2. on nails (yes, fingernails)
  3. on set designs (for music videos)
  4. encoding messages on to her lyrics
  5. in prints and publications
  6. on merchandise (eg: Reputation era calendar)
  7. in the form of symbols (eg: snakes, butterflies, palm trees)
  8. go-to Easter Eggs – ’13’ and cats

Some Easter Eggs were years ahead of planning. Taylor Swift reveals how her Spotify vertical video for “Delicate” included an Easter Egg where Taylor painted her nails in the exact colour tones of her next studio album era. This video was released in May 15, 2018!!!

On Taylor’s revelations for Easter Eggs in music videos, the video showed a pointed arrow at the ‘Lovers’ pink-neon sign in the backdrop of “ME!” music video. She also revealed that the 7th studio album title and its second single title is hidden within this music video in a Tweet. We might be able to draw a link between these two statements!

Taylor also revealed that her most Easter Eggy music video thus far is “Look What You Made Me Do” from ‘Reputation’ era.

“Sometimes it means nothing,” says Taylor Swift about ’13’ and ‘cats.’ Taylor Swift has a history with the number 13 and she adores cats. So, anytime one of these appears or coincides, they just signify her love for ’13’ and cats.

Encoded within this entire interview of Taylor Swift lies her passion for what she does. Planning months or even years ahead, her attempts to make a secret communication with her fans, keeping things interesting, and most importantly, keeping herself motivated to deliver the best she could, are the underlining qualities that we take away from this video.

Take a look at the full video below.


Are you an Easter Eggs hunter in pop-culture?

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