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Camila Cabello – Should’ve Said It (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

In Camila Cabello’s new album ‘Romance,’ is a lot of songs on love. Among them are a few on not-so-love. One such track is “Should’ve Said It,” which seems to be an address to Camila’s ex-boyfriend Matthew Hussey. Let’s get into the further meaning behind this track.

Not to anyone’s surprise, “Should’ve Said It” is Shawn Mendes’s favourite track off ‘Romance‘ album. Maybe because the lyrics read “someone else is gettin’ all of me.” Camila’s current boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, has been a big inspiration behind this album about love. Songs such as “Living Proof,” “Easy” and “Used to This” are dedicated towards their new and budding romance.

In “Should’ve Said It,” Camila Cabello tells her ex that he is too late to be coming behind her now. She has already moved on and she is in better company. It is not confirmed if these lyrics are factual in relation to Camila’s relationship with Matthew Hussey. Listen to the audio below.

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In these lyrics, we hear Camila Cabello talking back to her ex. He seems to be having renewed interest in her after their breakup. However, Camila could not be further away from thinking about getting back with him. She says he is too late to be coming after her now that she is moved on with a new lover. She assumes that he is coming back for sexual interests so she shuts him down then and there, by saying that her bed is shared by her new lover and him only. Camila says that if he really did want her so badly, as he confesses now, he should have said it back then.

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Camila reminisces about the love they had once. She was crazy for him and he was ‘meh’ about it. Now he is regretting his decisions but it is too late to correct his mistakes. No matter how many songs he writes for her, we guess those cannot beat Shawn Mendes’s “Senorita” or his promise to “Treat You Better.”

Camila was confused in their relationship back then and now she is clearer than ever in her current relationship. There is suffering only for her ex in this tug-of-war.

Verse 2

In this verse, Camila Cabello sings how her ex’s memory has been wiped off with new memories with her current lover. She calls him heaven-sent because he treats her so much better. This is true magic when love happens when you are not even looking for it.


Camila has some advice for her ex in this verse from “Should’ve Said It.” His pride played a major part in their fall out. He could not swallow up his pride to tell her that he needs her and to tell her that without her he is not going to be okay. But saying those same lines now will have little to no effect to their timeline. In their relationship, Camila Cabello was quite sure that he was the One. But he took two years to realize what was important in his life. By then, Camila was gone.

Camila Cabello and Matthew Hussey dated from January 2018 to June 2019, which is a year and five months–close enough to be called two years?

Who do you think “Should’ve Said It” by Camila Cabello is about? Drop your answers in the comments below.

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