shawn mendes treat you better music video review

Shawn Mendes Releases “Treat You Better” Music Video (Review)

“Treat You Better” music video by Shawn Mendes hit the social media a couple of days ago and it’s exactly what we have been expecting-and a little more! The song is from Shawn Mendes’s 2016 album ‘Illuminate’.

The music video features a strong message about being in the wrong relationship when the right person has always been there in the shadows.

Watch “Treat You Better” music video below.

We are shown that the girl in the video is taken for granted by her boyfriend who is quite abusive towards her. The singer suffers in silence as she has not given any hint as to if she needs to be rescued from the relationship.

Give me a sign
Take my hand, we’ll be fine
Promise I won’t let you down
Just know that you don’t
Have to do this alone
Promise I’ll never let you down

She can be loved so much better than she is getting right now. The singer is capable of giving her the loving that she deserves. But she has not moved away from the abusive relationship.

I’ll stop time for you
The second you say you’d like me too
I just wanna give you the loving that you’re missing
Baby, just to wake up with you
Would be everything I need and this could be so different
Tell me what you want to do

I think it’s a beautiful music video made with a good story embedded too. The video does justice to the theme of the song.

What are your thoughts on this?

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