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Camila Cabello – My Oh My Ft. DaBaby | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Camila Cabello may have her own ‘naughty’ little tracklist featuring songs such as “Senorita,” “Havana,” “Sangria Wine,” and “Bad Things.” But “My Oh My” track from her sophomore studio album just might top them all. Why? Because it does not sing about love. It sings about lust. Check out the lyrics and song meaning here.

“My Oh My” appears as the fourth track on Camila’s 2019 album ‘Romance.’ The song also features an equally ‘naughty’ rap verse by the American rapper DaBaby. Both of them performed the song live on Jimmy Fallon show with a hot choreography.

The song title is a dedication to the rush of feelings Camila gets being close to this mysterious guy. She wants to explore him, both spiritually and physically. This song is a typical teenage girl response to the ‘bad boy’ persona.

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These lyrics provide an introduction to this ‘bad boy’ the singer has a craving for. This boy is only available for a ‘good time.’ This is a phrase generally used to refer to sex, partying and boozing. This boy only has a nightlife and he sleeps all day. These two traits alone are enough to create a visual picture of this ‘bad boy’ in our heads. Naturally, Camila’s family does not approve of him. Camila knows he only wants ‘one thing’ from her, and honestly, she wants the same thing.

Verse 1

This ‘bad boy’ might be a fictional character. In that case, Camila is describing her ideal ‘hook up fantasy’ of a boy. Camila says this boy is a little bit older than her and has a bad reputation. But is that going to stop her? No. Because in the pre-chorus of the song, Camila sings that she has been a good girl all her life and tonight she wants to make an exception with this boy.

The latter part of the first verse describes Camila’s emotions when she accidentally bumped on to this guy. His predatory eyes locked on her and she felt the animal inside her surface. Her breathing slows down and her imagination runs wild. She imagines him kissing right then and there, and she feels losing control of herself. And this time she doesn’t mind letting it happen all the way.

Verse 2

The second verse of “My Oh My” is performed by the rapper DaBaby. In the lyrics, he plays the role of the ‘bad boy’ in this story.

He starts off his verse by saying that he is the type to make a girl turn her back on her father. Instead, DaBaby becomes her ‘daddy’ for the night. Then he proceeds to talk about how girls go cuckoo seeing him in person and on TV.

DaBaby also says that he will always be cautious about their sexual encounters. He will always suggest protection, but if she refuses, she should take her chances with the baby.

DaBaby also shouts out to his hit track “POP STAR,” and gives a shout out to Justin Bieber, comparing his recent popularity to that of Justin Bieber.

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Update: 12/02/2020

Camila Cabello premiered a cinematic music video for the song, titled ‘Damsel in Distress.’ The video portrays Camila as a movie star in the ’80s but is not allowed a heroine role in any of it. Da Baby also makes an appearance in the video, playing the Hollywood director who gives her the role she deserves. Watch below.

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