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Childish Gambino – Time Ft. Ariana Grande | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Time” is the third track on Childish Gambino’s 2020 album ‘03.15.20.’ This song features singer Ariana Grande, one of the only two collaborations on the album. Both artists sing about the fragile nature of this world, and the only thing certain in this world is that “time is running out” every second.

Childish Gambino announced the release of his fourth studio album project on a new website ‘’ Initially, the entire album was put on the website and taken down equally fast. The album is titled ‘03.15.20‘ resembling the date of the website launch. The song titles of the album are timestamps for each of them on the tracklist.

Childish Gambino starts off the song by emphasizing the fact that this tiny planet is home to 7 billion people. Granted these humans have done some massive things during their time here. But we cannot eliminate the impending doom of overpopulation.

Gambino also states that there are 7 billion prayers being heard every day. This means that no soul is problem-free in this world. Each has their own set of problems for which they seek the help of a higher power.

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“Time” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The second verse by Ariana Grande shows how love has taken humanity so far in time with all the perils it has faced. Going through a hurricane with the sunroof down is an impossible feat. Like such, humanity has gone through some dark times–just like the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we are waiting out right now. But with that special person next to you, anything is possible.

In the chorus of the song, Childish Gambino tries to understand the workings of this world. Is what we see around us, the absolute truth? Are we living in a simulation? What is reality? No matter what, the certain fact is that every one of us has their own timer set.

In verse 3, Childish Gambino reminds us that most of us are running behind dreams made of cloud. You will never ‘catch’ them. And most likely there will be another dream once you reach one dream. This ‘run’ has made us forget how limited time for us is, and we sway from important things in chase of dreams.

‘Time’ is a fickle thing. We cannot control it. But we can choose how to spend it. Be wise in doing so.

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