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Mia Baron – hide and seek | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The Toronto-native singer and songwriter Mia Baron just released her brand new single “hide and seek.” The song, inspired by her personal experiences, talk about the feeling of being caught in a game of hide and seek or invisible to people around her.

In the press release for the song, Mia Baron explains her personal experiences that inspired her to write this song;

The first year of middle school, I was always left out because I was the new kid at school.
I used to always hide in the bathroom alone on breaks because everyone had already found their group that they belonged in and didn’t want to include me, not even my closest friends.
I hid it from everyone, especially my parents, because I didn’t want them to worry about me, but I was longing and hoping for a change.

Writing this song, pouring out all her feelings to it, was almost freeing. Mia Baron co-wrote the song with Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu.

Listen to “hide and seek” by Mia Baron

In the lyrics of the song, Mia Baron sings about tackling emotions of being left out from most of the social circles around her growing up. School can be hard for anyone. It becomes so much harder without a bestie by your side. Mia sings how she constantly felt as if she was not good enough to be friends with anyone and this, in turn, resulted in anxiety. She hid in the school bathroom, as the enclosed walls gave her comfort.

Mia Baron was screaming inside to be found. And she did, eventually. It is important for all of us to be felt needed.

You can check out more music by Mia Baron on YouTube, and connect with her on Intagram and Facebook.

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