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Conan Gray – Jigsaw | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Jigsaw” is the fourth release from Conan Gray’s upcoming sophomore album, yet to be titled. The song title takes on the popular board games of jigsaw puzzles where players put together pieces to make up the full picture. In the context of the song, Conan is singing about a lover who wants to piece together him from scratch, after which one has to wonder if it is the same person in the end.

“Jigsaw” follows the previous three singles, “Overdrive,” “Astronomy,” and “People Watching” released from Conan Gray’s untitled second studio album yet to be revealed. The album is expected to be titled ‘Worlds Apart.’ This is Conan’s follow-up project to his 2020 debut album ‘Kid Row.’

On Instagram, Conan Gray shared a picture of himself during the writing process of this song. There is a visible tear rolling down his cheek showing his fans how much this song meant to him. He captioned the photo; “jigsaw out everywhere now. here is me writing it. good vibes only happy listening xoxo.”

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Conan Gray “Jigsaw” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song is a painful reminder that we should not be changing ourselves to fit into someone’s life; especially to earn their love.

A jigsaw puzzle is a board game with many pieces that need to be put together to make up the full picture. Despite you finishing the puzzle, the pieces still remain separate–they are never a whole.

In the context of the song, Conan Gray is desperate to win the love of the person he is in love with. When he fails to do this, his resolution seems to be to change who he is. Maybe changing his hair would help? Maybe changing his fashion style would help? Could it be his manners?

Conan Gray is clueless as to what could help him win the person he is in love with. But changing different aspects of his life to fit someone else’s mold is possibly one of the worst things you could do to yourself. You have to deconstruct yourself, what makes you–you, in order to design a new ‘you.’

I’ve changed every part of me
Until the puzzle pieces aren’t me, at all

At some point in this new designing process, you would realize that there is more of new ‘stuff’ than what made ‘you’ before. At this point, you have to realize that ‘you’ are not there anymore. And in the case of the song, Conan has not still won the heart of the person he desires.

A jigsaw puzzle of two people (Image:
A jigsaw puzzle of two people (Image:

At the end of it all, Conan Gray realizes that even changing all of his traits was not enough to win the person over. So, was there anything he could do to earn their heart? Probably not. Should Conan have done what he did for the cause? Definitely not.

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