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Post Malone Teams Up with Morgan Wallen for “I Had Some Help” Song & Video (Lyrics Review)

After teaming up with Taylor Swift on a hit single “Fortnight,” Post Malone is back exploring Country roots with Morgan Wallen on the new song “I Had Some Help.” The song explores the idea that it takes two people to make a loving relationship in to a war zone, over an upbeat Country beat.

This song marks the first-ever collaboration between Post Malone and Country superstar Morgan Wallen. “I Had Some Help” also is the first taste of Post Malone’s upcoming sixth studio album.

The music video for the song features both artists celebrating their friendship under the American flag and fireworks in a true patriotic sense. Both artists explore the idea that two people in a relationship need to work together to keep the relationship alive. One party may play a bad hand but it takes the two of them to ruin the relationship to its end. While Post Malone or Morgan Wallen do not attempt to come clean of their mistakes in the song, they also say that their partners share equal responsibility for the status of their relationships.

Listen to “I Had Some Help” by Post Malone and Morgan Wallen

Post Malone “I Had Some Help” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Post Malone directly talks to his partner. She has been calling him crazy for his behavior recently and she has been telling this to their friends too. One doesn’t just go crazy overnight–they have to be made crazy.

I only hit the curb ’cause you made me

This lyric can be interpreted in two ways–literally and figuratively. In a literal sense, Post Malone might have driven their vehicle into a curb in a hysterical argument or fight while driving with his partner. It could also hint at a physical altercation between the two that made Posty turn the vehicle too much into the curb. Figuratively, ‘hitting the curb’ can hint at the status of their relationship hitting a stop. He might be implying that he alone did not cause this distress in the relationship. Either way, this lyric hints at the same idea.

Post Malone asks his partner how delusional is she to throw stones at him while she lives in a big glass mansion. This is derived from the classic English idiom “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” as glass houses are easily broken when attacked back. In the context of the song, this implies that Post’s partner cannot put the entire blame on him while she is partly at fault for how their relationship transpired.

In the chorus of the song, Post Malone says the absolute disaster of their relationship was a result of ‘teamwork.’ He does not deny his part in dragging this relationship to the grave. But he will not go down alone.

Don’t act like you ain’t help me pull that bottle off the shelf

Again, this line can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. In a literal sense, this sounds like Post’s partner helping him pour a drink on a fine evening. However, alcohol takes the best of him and things get ugly. Knowing this, why would she help him in this endeavor if she doesn’t want to see this relationship fail? Figuratively, this also means that her ways encouraged his bad behaviors.

In the second verse, Morgan Wallen joins “I Had Some Help” with Post Malone. He sings on a similar theme about how she cannot act like an innocent angel when she enables his destructive behaviors.

I ain’t an angel, you ain’t heaven-sent

When in love, it is common to compare partners to being ‘heaven-sent’ as we believe heaven to be all good and pure. However, it takes some deep exploration to find out the true nature of the beast. Morgan Wallen admits he is no angel and he admits to his fair share of wrongdoings in this relationship. But he would not accept full responsibility for their failure.

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