Bubblews.com Updates Redemption Policies

Bubblews.com is a brand new site that engages its users in a social network type environment and shares the revenues they earn with the users based on their levels of engagement. The website has been performing very well since July 2014 after a massive update pushed through and ironed out pretty much all the errors that hindered performance on the site.

Yesterday (14/10/2014) Bubblews pushed through another update and a policy adjustment that has already caused panic among many bubblers. There were several changes, out of which the most significant would be the policy that users can redeem only once a month. From whatever the date you redeemed this month, count in 30 days and that’s when you can redeem next. This is quite acceptable if it solves the issue of huge time lag of clearing out redemptions. Bubblews promises that they will be able to better manage the large number of redemption requests after this change.

Another change that washed through is change in payout rates. One unique feature of Bubblews compared to other online content writing sites was that bubblers got paid a constant $0.01 per every view, like and comment. Now this feature is no more. Now the articles will generate revenues based on the geographical location of the traffic it attracts. So it is absolutely unpredictable how much would a ‘view’ would generate from different parts of the world. Also it is unclear as to how much we are getting paid for likes and comments.

However it appears that these policy changes have caused an outrage among some bubblers. There is a significant reduction of levels of activity on the website. If the trend continues this could very well be the end of Bubblews. It is a great community, but everybody is there for the money.

One positive feature came out of the updates was the ability to track our redemptions. We are able to see when we redeemed and how much we redeemed on our ‘bank’ page. Also they have given us a special option to fill out a form to claim for missing redemptions. I hear that this feature is working great. So that’s something to try out. But DO NOT try to claim false amounts, your account will be banned without notice.