Taylor Swift Style music video release date revealed

Taylor Swift “Style” Music Video Release Date Revealed with Teaser Clip

So we have been arguing over when the “Style” music video will actually be released. Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Records’ CEO, accidentally Tweeted that the video will be released on Feb 9th and Taylor Swift fandom has been in chaos ever since. So we guessed the “Style” music video will release on Feb 10, but we were pretty wrong too. Taylor Swift released this teaser video clip on her Facebook page hours ago and all our questions were answered with it–well, not all. At least we know the release date. Watch the teaser video of Style music video teaser clip below.

Taylor Swift Reveals “Style” Music Video Teaser Video Clip


Update (11/02/2015)

Taylor Swift “Style” Music Video Second Teaser Clip Released


So Style music video will drop on Friday 13, 2015, just a few more days.

Scott Borchetta, in his accidental Tweet, said that Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video will be nothing like we have seen before. Looking at this teaser clip, we can agree with him. This 4 second preview shows Taylor Swift in a heavy visual effects setting. Taylor is seen morphed into what seems like a white cloud. If anything we will see a lot of visual effects in this music video, and Taylor has barely used any in her previous music videos. So it is true when Scott Borchetta said “You’ve never seen her like this”, and we can’t wait to see her like that.

Friday the 13th and “Style” Music Video?

It is unclear why Taylor Swift decided to use the exact same day as Friday the 13 (13/02/2015) to release the new music video. I don’t suppose “Style” music video has anything to do with the history of Friday the 13th! Taylor Swift would not miss any opportunity for a theatrical and that might be the pure reason behind selecting this specific date.

What do you expect from this music video? Will this be the best Taylor Swift music video ever? Leave a comment.

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