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Lil Wayne Releases “Grateful” Single Despite Retirement Rumors (Lyrics Review)

Just when we were beginning to wonder if Lil Wayne is done with music, he surprises us with a ‘new chapter.’ Lil Wayne tweeted a few bizarre tweets and fans feared the worst. But Lil Wayne is not known for giving up. He is back and he is back with a fire hot track titled “Grateful.” The new single was released on Sept 09 and features Gudda Gudda and is produced by Rugah Ruh and StreetRunner.

Single artwork for
Single artwork for “Grateful” by Lil Wayne

“Grateful” supposedly addresses the rivalry Lil Wayne has been having with Birdman and Cash Money records for several years now. Lil Wayne has not been able to release his latest album ‘Tha Carter V’ with his record label-Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne has also requested to leave the record label to no avail yet.

Listen to “Grateful” by Lil Wayne

Lyrics Review of “Grateful”

The songs starts off with almost a sigh from Lil Wayne.

New chapter, move on, look back for what?

“Grateful” was premiered on TIDAL and Lil Wayne looks at this as a beginning of a new chapter in his career. There will be a hundred record labels lining behind Wayne, should Cash Money lets him out the door.

Verse 1 of the track is drawn from Lil Wayne’s history in music.

Ain’t afraid to die, I done done it already
All that money on your mind I done spun it already
I was hustlin’ already, I was fuckin’ already, yeah
Pussy, money, weed was the subject already

Lil Wayne has been in the music industry for so long that he has had his fair share of ups and downs. He has had losses, like the YMCMB, and he has had wins, like ‘Tha Carter IV’ album. But he doesn’t’ dwell on any of them. He has no regrets.

Lil Wayne is one of the most successful rappers of this time, and he has made a fortune with his music. The new rappers who claim to be rich after a blow-out single, Lil Wayne has done that out of habit. He has spent money that normal people like us can’t even fathom.

Lil Wayne got into the music biz at the age of 11 and he has had and done everything that comes with this hectic industry. The money, the glory, the women, the cash, the drug abuse, the stress-the whole complete package.

Verse 1 continues…

See I’m TTG, trained to go, time to get it
For my woes, for my city, for my hoes, for my critics
See its TTG, trained to go, time to grind, no more CMB

Lil Wayne gives a shout out to his homies, his city, his women and his haters. Then he says ‘no more CMB’ which means that Birdman’s record label ‘Cash Money Billionaires’ is no more. YMCMB was is a combination of Lil Wayne’s ‘Young Money Entertainment’ and ‘Cash Money Billionaires.’

I been working hard for no prize
I’m still grateful though I show pride

Much of ‘Cash Money’ records’ success is owed to Lil Wayne from the start. But he claims that he has not been compensated for his contributions fairly, which is the reason for sparking the feud between Wayne and Birdman. Despite the lawsuits and bad blood between the two former best friends, Lil Wayne says he is grateful for what Birdman and his record label has done for him.

And you don’t see Stunna right next to me
And I won’t see Stunna write checks to me
They can’t put no more Weezy Baby out

“I’m a Stunna” is a song by Birdman and Lil Wayne uses the phrase to describe Birdman in “Grateful.” Once Lil Wayne and Birdman were inseparable, Birdman being Wayne’s mentor into the music biz. But now they have fallen apart. Lil Wayne claims that Birdman doesn’t pay him fairly. Then Lil Wayne says the record label is restricting his album from releasing. ‘Weezy Baby’ is a reference to new music by Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne Talks About New Generation of Rappers

That’s that Cash Money vasectomy
I still got love for my enemy
Cause I know its tough to be interesting
I know its tough to be anything, but be grateful

Lil Wayne speaks true in the last lines of the song. Withholding Lil Wayne’s music from being released is the record label’s own demise, says Lil Wayne. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure to remove something, and in this scenario, it’s the cash and money being cut off from ‘Cash Money’ records.

The singer says he still has love for the record label and Birdman. And then he slaps them in their faces, saying that they are not ‘interesting’ enough. Lil Wayne has had a stellar career-bigger than Birdman, so obviously he has got a better “it” factor than Birdman. Finally Lil Wayne lashes that Birdman and his label doesn’t amount to anything.

We are not going to breakdown all the lyrics to the song, as it is not very difficult to comprehend if you know Lil Wayne and his career. “Grateful” continues in it’s tone for two more verses, including one by Gudda Gudda.

Verse 3…

I make women cry when they next to me
They say they blessed to be next to me
Give my kids my heart, put my mind in my music
And I let them hoes get the rest of me

By the looks of “Grateful” we can safely say that Lil Wayne will not be quitting music anytime soon. But that’s up to him, we can just enjoy what he will deliver us.

‘Tha Carter V’ album is long overdue and it’s time that someone took some responsibility and released the album. Until such time we can expect more feud-related tracks by Lil Wayne.

What are your opinions on “Grateful” track by Lil Wayne? What other interpretations of the lyrics did you have in mind? If so, leave a comment below and we will get back to you asap.

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