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Big Sean, John Legend and Kanye West Collab on “One Man Can Change The World”

As soon as the tracklist of ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ album was released, we had our eye on “One Man Can Change The World” track. And we were right to predict that it was going to be a great track–because now that it is released, the song is beautiful and insightful.

“One Man Can Change The World” was released today as a single from Big Sean’s upcoming album. Big Sean sounds very impressive on this new track. Not that he didn’t before–but extra good on the new song. Kanye West and John Legend joins in on the song with the hooks. I think the piano music played throughout the song is by John Legend as well.

Listen to “One Man Can Change The World” by Big Sean, John Legend and Kanye West

How amazing is this new ballad?

Lyrics on Pastebin

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Big Sean’s upcoming album is turning out to be another classic. No surprise, that ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ is one of the most anticipated albums of 2015. The singles released so far are evidently some of the best work from Big Sean so far.

“Blessings” featuring Drake was another single that we are highly impressed with.

With the singles released so far, we are very excited about the upcoming album. We believe it will be an instant hit. The kind of singles released so far stand witness to how amazing the album will be.

We expected this song to be amazing and it actually is. Next track we have eyes on is “Research” featuring Big Sean’s girlfriend Ariana Grande. I can’t guarantee that it will be an amazing song, but it definitely will be interesting.

The ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ album releases on February 24, 2015.

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