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Watch Lady Gaga’s Emotional Tribute “Million Reasons” Music Video

Lady Gaga has finally released an official music video for her hit ballad “Million Reasons” from her 2016 album ‘Joanne.’ She performed the song live on Dive Bar tour before, which was quite different from what we see in these visuals.

“Million Reasons” music video features Lady Gaga dressed in all pink-from the iconic hat shown in the album cover to her leather boots. The interesting fact is that this music video picks up from where “Perfect Illusion” left things off.

Watch “Million Reasons” Music Video by Lady Gaga

Music video starts off in a desert where ‘Joanne’ is having a melt down and her friend (& family I assume) run towards her to comfort her. In another setting Lady Gaga is getting ready to perform. In the same setting Gaga is seen opening a gift box which contains a chain with cross and contain a note saying “Love you sis.” Then she breaks down crying.

It looks as if Lady Gaga is trying to channel her inner Madonna in her movements in the video. This is up for debate, of course.

So let us know what you think about the new music video and what do you think the video means. Also, it seems like more new music videos from the album will continue to tell a bigger story.

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