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Lorde – Solar Power | Stream, Lyrics & Meaning

It feels like forever since Lorde released any music because it has been forever! The New Zealand native singer-songwriter Lorde released her last album ‘Melodrama’ in 2017 and there has been nothing but radio silence after the world tour that followed into 2018. So, it drove fans crazy when Lorde teased a booty-bearing picture with the title ‘Solar Power’ on her official website.

The “Royals” hitmaker kicked off a stellar career with the 2013 debut studio album ‘Pure Heroine.’ Since, her 2017 follow-up album, Lorde has been pretty much off of social media. In 2019, Lorde took to Instagram to reveal to her fans that “Third one in the oven” teasing about the third album.

“Solar Power” is the title track of the upcoming third studio album by Lorde. The singer announced the album tracklist and release date a week after the single release.

Lorde teases new music ‘Solar Power’ (Image: lorde.co.nz)

“ARRIVING IN 2021 … PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE” teased Lorde on the website. Coincidentally, the new single “Solar Power” was released just a day after the annular ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse on June 10, 2021.

Watch “Solar Power” Music Video by Lorde

“Solar Power” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Lorde herself revealed the meaning behind the song while annotating lyrics on Genius;

“Solar Power,” written and produced by myself and Jack, is the first of the rays. It’s about that infectious, flirtatious summer energy that takes hold of us all, come June (or December, if you’re a Southern Hemisphere baby like me but I know that’s literally IMPOSSIBLE for you all to wrap your little heads around so don’t worry about it!!).

Lorde is getting ready for the Summer of 2021 already. Her brand new single is all about enjoying the warmth of the Sun outside.

In the first verse of the song, Lorde sings how she hates the winter. She usually cancels all plans in this season of gloom and cold. So do we! Winter is a season for cozy indoors. Summer is a season for the great outdoors. And Sun is the main catalyst.

In the pre-chorus of the song, Lorde sings how her cheeks turn a peachy color under the sunlight and she loves it. The reference could be for either her face cheeks or booty cheeks. After all, she did tease her booty cheeks glowing underneath the sunlight as a teaser poster.

Lorde welcomes everyone to join her under the sunlight to run around and enjoy good company. Moving on from the winter season, we can leave all out heartache behind. Especially considering that the world is moving from a locked-down 2020 into a slightly opened up 2021, we can expect the summer of 2021 to be a bit relaxing.

In the second verse of the song, Lorde disconnects herself from the rest of the world away from the beach she is singing in. She throws her mobile phone in the ocean water and she is truly free to enjoy the Sun.

The Sun not only powers the entire world we see around us (no, not machines, but life itself). So it is second nature for all of us to enjoy the sunlight. Human beings were not made to be locked inside buildings. Everybody benefits from solar power!

Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

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