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Watch Beyoncé’s Emotional “Sandcastles” Music Video (Review)

Beyoncé killed it at Grammy Awards 2017 with her live performance while showing her pregnant belly and if you have not had enough, she has also released two brand new videos from her latest album ‘Lemonade.’ Yesterday, “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” music videos were released and they are the latest Internet sensation. “Sandcastles” music video gained over 2 million views on YouTube within one day.

The scenery in “Sandcastles” video are quite stunning. Beyoncé has a powerful message upfront of the video and the visuals turn into quite emotional senses towards the latter part. Exciting news is that the video features her husband Jay Z-showing them hugging each other with utmost love.

Watch “Sandcastles” Music Video by Beyoncé

And your face
What is it about you?
That I can’t erase baby
When every promise don’t work out that way
No no baby
When every promise don’t work out that way

Beyoncé performs the song on keyboards in a ballad-like tune and the emotions are overwhelming.

Beyoncé also released visuals for “Love Drought” from ‘Lemonade.’

There are a few similarities with both the music videos as they go along with the theme of the album which is “visual album.” The ladies in white wading through the waters can be seen in both songs.

Let us know what you think about “Sandcastles” and “Love Drought” music videos in the comments below.

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