taylor swift second snake video

Taylor Swift Shares Second Lengthier & More Focused Snake Video

Taylor Swift took the music world by storm yesterday (21/08/2017) by releasing a 10-second bizarre and cryptic snake video that spurred a lot of TS6 rumors. We even had an alleged TS6 album tracklist leak as well. However, to much disappointment of the fans, no more information was revealed on the very weird snake video released yesterday. And that is until today.

Taylor Swift released yet another short clip of the same snake today (22/08/2017) without any explanation at all. This video is 20 seconds in length and features a more focused shot of this animal. Many have speculated that this is not a snake because of the rough scales that it has on it’s tube shaped body. Then what is it?

Watch Taylor Swift’s Bizarre Second Snake Video

Snake or Dragon or Myth?

Since Taylor Swift has proven no help at all in solving this mystery, Swifties have been left with the difficult task of interpreting this animal. Some say it is a snake. But the more we look at it, the less of a snake it looks like. The animal has some serious scales or spikes on its body and is coiled up like a snake. Yesterday’s video showed us only its tail and today’s video shows us his body. So, we can only expect by tomorrow, we will get a full shot of this mysterious animal.

The bizarre snake video like creature from Taylor Swift's Facebbok
The bizarre snake like creature from Taylor Swift’s Facebook

Taylor Swift’s 6th Album is Coming?

Last time Taylor Swift was this cryptic was back when she released ‘1989’ album and it’s first few singles. So we can safely guess that some kind of new music is coming up and by the way things are going, most likely the release date would be this Friday, 25th August.

Whatever this creature is the one thing we are sure about is that a new Taylor Swift era is upon us. Taylor Swift wiped the slate clean for this arrival so we can assume this is BIG.

What do you think this bizarre video means and where do you think this is headed? Comment below.

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