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Memphis Depay – No Love (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Memphis Depay may be an excellent handler of the football, but he is better at dropping some spitfire lines in his new single and music video “No Love.”

We see the Dutch national football star pouring out some emotions at the studio over his lost love. Previously, Depay has shown his love for rap through several freestyles released, the most prominent being titled “5 Milli” uploaded on his YouTube channel. However, “No Love” is his first official single.

Memphis Depay uses English and Dutch in unison in this track. In the music video, we see a romantic love affair being developed and the spark running out towards the end of the video. Depay sings about how love can fade away, even amongst the best of luxuries a couple could afford.

Watch Memphis Depay Perform “No Love” Video

Know where I come from, do not know where I am going
Just have planning for vacation
No wedding news since I forgot, no

Memphis Depay-English translation of “No Love” Dutch chorus

Memphis also talks about how he has no time for ‘bullshit’ from the haters around him. He plays blind and deaf to the hate thrown at him.

The song winds around a relationship that is falling apart. The man in the song, probably related to Memphis, is rich and he facilitates his girlfriends’ richest dreams ever. Memphis Depay is estimated to be worth in several millions, with a yearly paycheck of $6 million from his present club Lyon. But none of this is enough to keep the girl around. We do not even see the guy cheating on the girl. But she must not be preferring a mansion or a luxury sports car. Maybe her wishes are different altogether.

In the second verse of “No Love,” Memphis Depay mainly focuses his personal story. He raps about his struggles in growing up-being bullied and abused during his childhood. But he worked towards his dreams and he is a millionaire at the age of 24. Memphis is also known as one of the most hard working athletes in the world fully committed to his course.

The singer emphasizes on the power of God and his will that led him to be the star he is today. Glory to the God!, he says.

What do you think about this first ever music project by Memphis Depay? Think he has got what it takes to rise in music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Complete Lyrics to “No Love” by Memphis Depay

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