avicii friend of mine lyric video review

Watch Avicii’s “Friend Of Mine” Lyric Video Take Us Through A Mysterious Land

Avicii’s latest collaboration with Vargas & Lagola has a new lyric video and it tells us a different story of friendship. “Friend Of Mine” Single appears in Avicii’s latest EP ‘AVĪCI (01)’ which contains 6 tracks. The EP also contains tracks featuring Rita Ora, Billy Raffoul, Sandra Cavazza and AlunaGeorge.

friend of mine album
AVĪCI (01) EP album artwork

Watch “Friend Of Mine” Lyric Video

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I ain’t misbehaving
I’m just telling you the truth
Take my love for granted
Yeah, I’ll give it all to you
Made me count for something
Yeah, I feel it in my heart
God only knows what I’d have been if you hadn’t been

The “Friend Of Mine” video takes us through the story of two spacemen who wonder around some mysterious land in space. This land has massive structures of people and massive footpaths. The only form of life we do see in the video are crows, which is not a very good sign of life. In the end of the video the two friends seem to find a statue which resembles a seated Buddha statue. It is unclear if Avicii has any reflections on Buddhism. But in Buddhism, Avicii means ‘the lowest level of hell full of extreme pain and suffering.’ So could it be that Avicii is hinting at this fact? Is this dystopian world his imagination of the lowest level of hell?

Let us know what you think about this lyric video and the song in collaboration with Vargas & Lagola. We think it’s a good ice breaker and will catch up on with the fans.

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