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Kendrick Lamar Reveals Next Album Title, It is “Untitled”

Want to know how to build hype to your upcoming album? Name it “Untitled“. The entire music community is up on their feet after Kendrick Lamar tweeted a link to an iTunes page which showed a new and upcoming album by King Kendrick. We kind of knew a new album is on the way, but Kendrick isn’t one to go promoting it. He does music–not business.

Kendrick Lamar Tweets About Upcoming Album Titled ‘Untitled’

After this tweet, everybody is pondering the question, what really is the album title.

kendrick lamar 2015 album untitled itunes
Kendrick’s tweet lands on this page.

AS you can see, this raises more questions about the album. First of all what is the album title? Is it really “[Untitled]”? Or is the album untitled yet? My bet, is the album title is [Untitled]. Why? Because the album wouldn’t be up there for pre-order without even an album title. Also having the album name within brackets ([]). That is my argument. If you have anything to add, please do leave a comment.

Also the new “Untitled” album has an album art. And it’s….something.

Kendrick Lamar "Untitled" album artwork
Kendrick Lamar “Untitled” album artwork

Again, this is something debatable. Is this the real album artwork? Because there’s pretty much nothing on it–not even the album title or the artist name or even an ‘explicit’ language warning tramp. So you see, more questions than answers. But I’m going to go on a hunch and say again, this plain black box is the album artwork for ‘Untitled’. Why? Because, check Kendrick Lamar’s Twitter default picture. It has turned into a black box too. Accident? I don’t think so.

According to the iTunes page, there are 16 tracks on the ‘Untitled’ album by Kendrick. One of them is only visible now, and that is the super awesome track “The Blacker the Berry” he released last month. “The Blacker the Berry” was released as an iTunes single today. Another 15 brand new tracks and a digital booklet awaits us. Most likely the ‘untitled‘ track Kendrick performed at the Colbert Report too will make it into this new album.

Another important things is that all of the tracks on the album have the time stamp unraveled. This is not the case for other albums I have seen so far. This allows us to calculate the total length of the album and it is a staggering 78 minutes 51 seconds–which makes it one of the lengthiest albums in the history. The 16th track runs for 12 minutes 7 seconds–which could very well be in the top 5 lengthiest songs of the history.

Release Date of ‘Untitled’ Album by Kendrick Lamar

As per the iTunes page, the release date for ‘Untitled’ is not far away. It’s set to March 23, 2015. And that is kind of an unexpected turn of events. Pre-orders are open now, and I suggest you hurry up.

Pre-order Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Untitled’ Album on iTunes / Amazon

Buy “The Blacker the Berry” Single by Kendrick on iTunes / Amazon

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This is going to be a great album–but then again, so is every album, EP and single King Kendrick has done. He is the realest rapper in the game right now. His genuine lyricism is what had us on the hook. “The Blacker the Berry” was an anthem for Black oppression and gang wars. The previous ‘untitled’ track was filled with his ideologies on capitalism and commercialism in the world. His music talks about the current world, and it could hurt some people. But it’s the truth in the end.

So many awesome albums released in 2015 so far, and there are many more lined up to be released in the coming months. But ‘[Untitled]’ by Kendrick Lamar will have to be placed on top of our ‘most anticipated’ list.

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