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Travis Scott Premiers Apocalyptic “Stop Trying To Be God” Video Featuring Kylie Jenner (Review)

Travis Scott’s new album ‘ASTROWORLD’ has produced some of the most interesting tracks of 2018. We have already reviewed songs such as “SICKO MODE” and “Stargazing” which have been fan-favorites from the album. Travis Scott has really outdone himself on this album and the first music video from the album is for “Stop Trying To Be God.”

Directed by Dave Meyers, “Stop Trying To Be God” is a bit more than a music video. It is more of a cinematography, including heavy production, cast, and an embedded meaning. The video also features Travis’s wife Kylie Jenner, Philip Baley, James Blake, Kid Cudi (as a symbolic god), and Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica.

The lyrics and the music video of “Stop Trying To Be God” are full of hidden references and meanings.

Watch “Stop Trying To Be God” Music Video

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The video starts off with a bunch of sheep walking down a street along with Travis Scott. There is one black sheep, possibly signifying the presence of Travis among the ‘normals.’ Later we see that Travis gets blasted by a firey flame. He recovers in the hands of wifey Kylie Jenner-who appears to be glistening in a charcoaled and burnt out street.

Then we see Kid Cudi dressed as a symbolic of God or Jesus, singing the chorus of “Stop Trying To Be God” surrounded by some sexy dancers in the clouds.

Travis then shows that he has influence. He stands in front of a crowd and lifts his hands up and the crowd follows. The next scene shows something similar to baptism done by Travis. He drowns each person from a queue and the person that comes out seems problem-free and dancing. Could be symbolic of how Travis’s music makes people forget their problems and dance. Or could be the reverse, where other’s music makes people forget what’s real and Travis reminds it to them with songs like this.

Hidden Meanings in Travis Scott’s “Stop Trying To Be God” Video

The next scene in the video shows Travis spreading destruction to the city on a flying creature that blasts flames from its mouth. Is he saying that he is trying to break the misogynist chains of this society? Or he was simply causing chaos. However, he gets laser-beamed by Kid Cudi from the clouds.

The last iconic scene from the video shows Kilye Jenner holding a lamb. This lamb is neither white or black-but a light blue-grey mix. And the scene is quite similar to the portrayal of the birth of Jesus in the Bible, only less crowded.

We thoroughly enjoyed this cryptic and bizarre music video for “Stop Trying To Be God” by Travis Scott. What about you? Let us know your opinions of the song and the video in the comments below.


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